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  1. as cori fan... i think her (sorry) butt have some awesomeness. and thou in that poll placed at 2nd. btw, the poll of her (sorry again :swt ) chest is got zero? or people here like her eyes and butt only? LOL
  2. ah, the teaser trully bumped my heart... its long time not to see nicole shaking her butt :nosebleed: this mini-album will gonna 1st at least 4 weeks KARA DAEBAK!!!
  3. oh i'm sorry, its full already. maybe i'll call you when we buy 1 slot again
  4. ROFL =)) even its so short moves, but both of them really cute... actually, thats not nicole and jiyeon cuts, but "just" jiyeon cuts. but, nice work, baegubayo
  5. ^ and i (until now) couldnt complete the STEP (MX) Orginal Version the STEP (HD) is really annoy me somehow...
  6. ^ yap! if you buy the disc set of STEP you will find the "La La La" part
  7. ^ yap! so, @TehAznDork you MUST buy the IC T3... i have account, my DJ name is MizuD3
  8. bwahahaha!! the guys from behind seat looks have interest at nicole's butt XD ROFL Nicole is butt princess!
  9. ^ i think the Mister is not the japanese ver. but korean ver. and if you want to play Step full, you can play at Club section, but you must have a card and but the disc. maybe you can try it again soon
  10. ^ KARA makes the arcade more attractive and popular... when i play (Indonesia), bunch of people watching me. no wonder KARA is still girlsgroup with thousand fans (KAMILIA) and i hope Pentavision will add the KARA DJ Icon and Plate XD
  11. the info is... Technika 3 already relesed in korea. i think, singapore is the next, maybe indonesia in december... ^ ^ Pump It Up! Fiesta, i always play that Wanna song and always perfect! xD even the hard is exhausted and my eyes always watch the MV and Nicole (not the pattern of the game )
  12. ^ agree with you! XD nicole never make the fans upset... nicole kawaii!
  13. Winter Magic, the best song japanese version so far... i already watch the close-up version and i call it thats for another version than close up... but, the best scene is when nicole start to cry and THATS make me wanna give her hugs <3