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New Fans Guide

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Become a fan of KARA at this time on their career can be hard and a little confusing.

There is a lot of musics to hear, a lot of MVs and permormances to see and a lot about the girls to know.

And let's not talk about the faces. Yes, because if you are a newbie on liking korean groups/singers, you'll be in trouble.


Even not long ago, I'd look to the picture and be like "Who is who?". And I come from a large background of liking japanese music.

Yes, if you're like me and KARA is the first korean group you like or if you like a lot of them already but only recently started to like KARA, a new fan always need help on "Where do I beging?"

And the following are the questions you should ask yourself:

- What musics should I hear first?

- What MVs should I see first?

- What should I know first?

And a new thing I learn long time ago is:

- What variety shows should I see first?

Since variety shows are a big deal on Korea, a lot of groups/sigers enter them and you can learn alot about the girls. That was how I learnt the respective names. The variety show was "Idol Show" where the girls are MC's (Season 4 if you want to know). SGB (Star Golden Bell) is a fun show to see too.

Now, what song whould you hear?

That's a good question. KARA is a multifaceted group so, if you like upbeat kind of song try something like "STEP", "Mister" and "Lupin". If not, maybe "Honey", "Winter Magic" and "Mister". Yeah, make sure to try "Mister" because it's an addctive song. One more time, careful with this. I hated my currently fav singer at first because I didn't choose it right.

After that, just start with the MV's of the musics you liked or, if you're a crazy perfectionist like me, start from the beginning. Now that you're at it, take the chance to see their debut stage (both "Break It" and "Honey") and some "behind the scenes" stuff. Like their first trip to Japan and their youtube chanel episodes!

What to know? Firstly, their names, of course: Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Nicole and Jiyoung. (don't forget their cute nicknames too ^^)

Did you get it? Know that you know their names and can connect them to their faces, it's time to check out their background (not only from the group, but from each member too). By this time, after seeing the variety shows I told you, you must know how they are (personality, I mean). Try to see Haha Mong Show too. Why don't you make a visit to wikipedia and search for "KARA". It doesn't hurt anyway.

Lastly, get into karaholic.com and get to know everyone (Kamilia and KARA) everyday.


If you have some more advices, please, care to share them :friendly:

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Great topic. it really helps new fans to adapt with nicknames, songs, programs, ...

A help to know how to identify each of them is to go on youtube and search fancams specific, such as: "Jiyoung FANCAM STEP".

There, you can see how she was in 2011, not to be confused with hair, clothing, etc..

Like, the SeungYeon was with red hair in STEP, but this year is Hara who is redheaded, so the fancams can help it much.

And of course, always research a fan site in your country or ask for help for a Kamilia, because we've all passed the stage of: "I do not recognize any of them, for me they are all the same".

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... if i smell a scent of newborn Kamilia here *sniff*

oh dear, i just want to shove miles of list to their brain right now :lol:

or should i give an all-day long story about Kamilia and KARA? :D

but since i'll scare them away by doing, so i'm not gonna do it :tongue:

What a nice thread you have, let's see...

i'll try to answer some of the "basic" question that are already stated above:

1. What Song Would You Hear First?

I'll recommend Mister, since it's gonna make you enchanted... and after that we can move to another area, i'll try to simplify it become 'cutesy' and 'sexy'. if you want to try 'cutesy' type, try Honey, Pretty Girl, or some Japanese songs like Jet Coaster Love or Go-Go Summer. If you want to try the 'sexy' type, try 'Lupin' or 'Jumping'...well, i guess that's enough for the "starter pack" :thumbup:

2. What MV Should I See First?

The answer will be same as above, since i recommend all songs that have MV in it... if you want to watch MV that have some storyline in it, try Wanna. Their solo songs such as Guilty, Secret Love, Wanna Do, Lost, or Daydream from "KARA Collection" album also have storyline in it (Which could help in identify each member also!). Not really heavy or complicated, but it still enjoyable...

As for me, my most beloved MV is "Step", since i feel that they put all effort in it (it's not like they're not put effort in other MV...) and it really recap all of their rocky step until there...

3. What to know? What Variety Show That Should Been Watched First?

Names, of course... there are Gyuri, SeungYeon, Nicole, HaRa, and JiYoung(Again, their solo songs that stated above will help). There's also former member SeungHee from their debut era, but she already have a happy live as a married couple...

After that, you can get to know them a bit by watching some variety shows... try Idol Army Season 4, Kara Bakery, Urakara (although it's a film series), HaHa Mong Show, and Strong Heart Ep 77 and 78 (It's their first variety after disband issues)

I already spit a lot of my saliva here, haha...

if you want to ask something or just need a friend, just send me a message, i'll try my best to reply it...

bye~ *vanish*

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