Summary & Timeline of KARA's Crisis


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Now, I understand! I second the motion!

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Grateful for the summary of the incidents, I know, although it was 2 years ago already, but it can still be a history for our KARA that worked hard always, and it will remind us to love KARA more, stay and believe with them, stand by their side more bravely, just because of these incidents, we realise that how much of love we give to KARA and how much they give us too....... And now, we gonna face another crisis too but I believe it just a small plate of snack as our KARA had became more stronger, we had suffered a lot before so we have to take down these challenges together....... Believe in KARA, FIGHTING!!!

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from this op i want to ask

1. what's the meaning of kara members received 80% of karaya's profit. 

2. what is karaya?  

from this this thread it seems like nicole and jiyoung were the most unhappy from the beginning

and nicole's mom is kinda troublesome

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