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  1. Nicole was ranked #5 credits ~ uploader Here's the lists top 5: 5.KARA Nicole 4. 2NE1 Dara 3. MBLAQ Mir 2. 2AM Jo Kwon 1. Eun Ji Won If there is a dead link, please notify us on the Streambox Request Thread! http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14436
  2. Spazz

    Can anyone tell me who sings this song and the title?? It's really good : http://vimeo.com/12176491
  3. Spazz

    Thanks mae for the link. I was so happy when she got the answer right, I felt like such a dork! LOL. Her teammates were as happy as she was. I caught a glimpse and it look like the guy from DJ Doc, Gyuri, Hwangbo, but didn't see the last person. What a great team! Can't wait to watch the full episode!
  4. LOOOOOVED this duet. Thanks for ripping it for us!
  5. That video was BAD ***! The girls looked great and they did awesome. Now all we gotta do is wait for them to perform it on stage
  6. Awww, just finished watching episode 11. I wish Nicole and Ho would go out in real life. They're so compatible together. She seems so comfortable around him. Then again, she seems to get along with just about everyone. I hope they still keep in touch. She made so many friends during the duration of this show. So glad she got to experience all that she missed out in America in her home country. Nicole hwaiting!! BTW, I just want to say I have no idea why Nicole doesn't think she's very good at aegyo. She has plenty of aegyo!! <3
  7. Spazz

    She was great on Family Outing! Not trying to bash her but Nicole totally outshoned Tifanny. By the way, just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Oh Brothers was just a one time thing? Or was that suppose to be a weekly variety show??
  8. I don't know but for me, her actions don't seem embarrassing. If anything, it's more endearing cause she's so natural that she can do things in an adorkable way. She is not afraid to make herself look silly. I don't think any of the KARA girls mind really. It's cute.
  9. Anything with Nicole is a winner to me! And yes please, bring back X-Man!! My favorite part of the whole show? Couple selection and the couple games
  10. I really do think Nicole is leaving only because all the segments has to end eventually. In the meantime, let's reminisce and think back on what favorite things Cole has used to describe the word or alphabet. My favorites are "donut" and "ladder beside the nose"! ROFL. That girl cracks me up!!
  11. Not only were the viewers at home looking forward to each week of the popular segment, but the celebs themselves were anxious to participate. It's going to be dearly missed......
  12. I'm gonna miss the girls promoting Mister but at least it won't be the last of them. We'll keep supporting them through their appearances of variety shows. KARA hwaiting!!
  13. Saw a couple of snippets of today's episode. There were a couple of cute Cole moments. Can't wait to see the full episodes. My favorite parts were when the male guests got overprotective of Nicole cause they didn't want her to get hurt.
  14. Aww, I am so bummed. Well I hope to see more of Nicole in reality variety shows. Her personality is so magnetic
  15. I think the girls did excellent doing this trot songs. If they hadn't appeal to the older fans, they sure did with these two numbers. Thanks for the audio rip by the way! Might as well have it since the songs are stuck in my head.
  16. I'm so happy KARA is getting much international love from the fans!
  17. I'm so proud of our girls.....
  18. No Nicole this weekend? ... I'm looking forward to seeing her interact with Jo Kwon though and obviously Chansung too.
  19. All those fanboys cheering for Nicole was sooo cute. I'm glad she's getting more airtime. As for Jae, I hope he doesn't have to leave. I hope it's just rumors. I think the whole thing is going way too overboard and they should just let the past be the past. He apologized didn't he?? Geez. I wanna see more Jae & Cole interactions!!
  20. OMG, those gifs of Nicole are the cutest thing ever!
  21. I love that MM is featuring Nicole in their performances cause she's so energetic! Kudos!!
  22. We're all dieing of anticipation here! LOL.
  23. I'm glad that the girls are getting all this recognition and attention but I hope their company doesn't work them too hard. Entertainers in Asia get taken advantage of too easily and not get paid enough.. KARA hwaiting!!
  24. Maybe this was one of the few shows that got postponed for a later date cause a lot of them were.
  25. I can't wait for this to air!! I love almost all the people on the show too. I'm a huge fan of Hwangbo as well so I'm super excited