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  1. Happy Birthday! i remember reading some of your trans work and those really helped in making me a kamilia. thank you!

  2. Happy Birthday Coffeebeanie!

  3. Yo! Happy birthday! Don't tell anybody but we have the same birthday LOL. xD

  4. happy birthday!!! ^^

  5. thanks! i thought this was bora, but i guess hearing their voices would be good enough. thanks again!
  6. tin! been trying to tweet you but dunno if you saw haha...just wanted to say hi...haven't talked to you in soooo looooong

  7. Just a correction, Gyuri actually tweeted to Nicole "I wanted to do it with you too, but you were having your makeup done ㅠㅠ♥" NOT "you used to be my favorite." hope that clears things up!
  8. With their impending Japanese Debut, the future of KARA looks even brighter, as their 3 versions of their Japanese debut single <Mister> which is scheduled to be released on August 11, placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the pre-order charts of Tower Records as soon as reservations for it opened last July 15. KARA is set to release three versions of their Single album. Version A (CD + DVD), Version B (CD + Photobook) and Version C (CD + Bonus Track). In the pre-order charts last July 15, Version A, B and C took the first, second and third spots respectively. The management for KARA in Japan will be Universal Japan, and they are optimistic about the release of the Japanese version of Mister, as the interest for the group has been steadily increasing, and the anticipation for their debut is becoming bigger and bigger. They are said to set another Hallyu wave. There are various activities lined up for KARA after the release of their single in August 11. They will making appearances in various popular national TV shows, and will be having interviews between their busy schedule. They are set to have a mini-live concert and handshaking session on August 14, a few days after their single release to celebrate their debut. source: NATE NEWS thanks to anne@KARAholic and SoompiNice for the screencap translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE For more information on their Japanese Single and Handshake session, click HERE
  9. It will be hard for Han Seungyeon to participate in the upcoming drama 'Playful Kiss'. Management for KARA stated on the 6th that "KARA will be debuting in Japan this coming August. Because of this, joining 'Playful Kiss' will be hard in reality because of the conflicting schedules. Although it is a good opportunity, it is really not probable at this time for her to join the drama. We have already told them that her joining the drama will not be possible because of this conflict." They added "Although being included in a drama is a good opportunity, the debut of KARA had already been promised to their fans in Japan and they do not want to break their promise. Debuting abroad is about good timing, and we have been preparing hard for their debut in Japan for a long time." There had been a lot of interest among netizens about the cast of the upcoming drama 'Playful Kiss', and the casting has been a hot topic as well. Among the strong contenders are Park Bo Young, Han Seungyeon and Park Shin Hye. source: NEWSEN LINK thanks to mae@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  10. In the first half of the year, it may seem like girl groups are performing much stronger than the boy groups. In various TV programs, girl groups seem to be more active. However, the album sales indicate otherwise, because according to the Hanteo charts, out of the 9 albums of idol stars that made the top 10 best selling artists so far for the year 2010, only two groups are able to represent the girl idol group - and these are Girls Generation and KARA. On the other hand, 5 boy idol groups take the rest of the spots, showing that boy idol groups perform better on album sales. The chart is consisted of sales made until June 22 of 2010. 9 member group Girls Generation took the second spot with their second full length album Oh! released last January, with 117,633 albums sold, and the repackaged version took third place, selling 48,827 copies. KARA released their third mini-album Lupin late February of this year, and with 23,276 copies sold, their took the ninth spot in the chart. Their title track Lupin showed a sharp contrast from their usual bright and lively style, showing a more charismatic image on stage. The fact that there are only 2 girl idol groups in the list in gaining much interest because these same two groups will be entering the Japanese market very soon, and fans are anticipating the rivalry between them once again. Both groups are scheduled to release singles in Japan sometime in August, and because they are going to be promoting around the same time, the competition between them are gaining much interest as early as now. Other artists on the list are Super Junior, who is on the top spot with Miinah, selling 119,167 copies, and the repackaged version selling 45,733 at fourth place. At fifth place is 2AM with I can't let go even if I die (34,474 copies sold), seventh place goes to 2PM's Don't stop, can't stop (29,381 copies sold), eighth place is Beast's mini-album Shock of the new era (24, 236 copies sold) and rounding up the top 10 is SS501 with Destination (19,790 copies sold). The only non-idol group artist in the top 10 is world star Rain, who is at 6th place with his special album Back to the basic (33,764 copies sold). The complete list is: 1. Miinah (Super Junior) 2. Oh! (Girls Generation) 3. Run Devil Run (Girls Generation) 4. Miinah - Repackaged (Super Junior) 5. I can't let go even if I die (2AM) 6. Back to Basic (Rain) 7. Don't stop, cant stop (2PM) 8. Shock of the new era (Beast) 9. Lupin (KARA) 10. Destination (SS501) source: STAR.MT NEWS LINK thanks to anne@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. Credit fully when redistributing. Do not remove or edit credit line. T.N: Albums are released at different times, and these are just the numbers as of June 22. Of course if one artist released their album earlier, they will likely have more sales than one who released it just last month. Please no bashing. Thank you.
  11. will they promote the songs too? i doubt that though, since both meant to cheer the teams, and not exactly for charts. nonetheless, i wish the best for both groups, although i'm a teeny bit more biased towards our girls.