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  1. This all seems very strange and sudden. I know they've been working very hard, but there must have been something that took them over the edge very suddenly. And it's also very weird that Gyuri was not included. I was on their Twitter, and Nicole, JiYoung, and Gyuri all seemed to be tweeting happily and casually while all this is going on.
  2. lol I sent this link to Kara members I wonder if they saw it. Probably not... :=(
  3. Yeah, I was wondering if she was also eating with them cuz Nicole said 5 of us. Maybe she had to go somewhere by herself after.
  4. Maybe you should delete the info about her deleted tweets. Maybe she now thinks she shouldn't have said those things.
  5. Kara's Convo on Tweeter... So CUTE!!! Nicole: (to everyone) We all ate meat together. Five expressions of full satisfaction... lol One hour later... Jiyoung: (to Gyuri) Unnie, buy me ice cream please!!! Gyuri: (to everyone) Right now, Jiyoung is sitting on my lap. You smell like meat! Gyuri: (to Nicole) We're going to eat ice cream for dessert. Jealous? Jiyoung: (to SeungYeon, Hara, Nicole) Since you guys went home without us, me and Gyuri unnie are eating ice cream while on our way to the recording studio! Teehee! pic - http://yfrog.com/ehft3nj Hara: (to Jiyoung) Ahhh!!! You went to eat ice cream without me and Nicole! T_T Gyuri: (to SeungYeon, Hara, Nicole) Jealous? lol We are WINNER Gyuri: (to SeungYeon, Hara, Nicole) Good night~~~ pic - http://plixi.com/p/48325867 Hara: (to Gyuri) Unnie... How can you take a picture like that and expect us to go to sleep???!!! Hara: (to Nicole) Nicole... We've been had!!! We shouldn't have taken separate cars!!! .... Nicole: (to Gyuri) OMG, how could you... Eat my share too. Chocolate... lol Nicole: (to Jiyoung) You have disturbed me three times today. Taking my meat, veggies, and now this. lol Jiyoung: (to Nicole) Because I love you~~~ lol Hara: (to Jiyoung) This is my expression right now -.- ... I'll be seeing you tomorrow >:-( Jiyoung: (to Hara) Sweet dreams... about ice cream~~~ lol Nicole: (to Hara) We shall eat ice cream tomorrow!!! All the way up to a pint!!! lol
  6. Say some magical old woman told you that you could live your life as ham's pet, but you'd turn into a puppy or a kitten or something. If you could remember everything you know as of now as a person, would you take this offer?
  7. I think she looks best in Wanna and Mister. Long wavy hair really suits her. But she looks BEST with no concept at all. When she just wake up all natural. Edit: I agree with people who say she doesn't really fit with cute concept. She doesn't fit with short, roundish hairstyle.
  8. lol! myungcole drive I can imagine MyungSoo singing really badly and then telling the engineer to fix it up with the machines. Nicole's voice fits perfectly with this song.
  9. Cool thread. I fell in love with Seung Yeon when I saw her in Family Needed.
  10. Holy ######! My heart just exploded.
  11. Nice! I love the transitions and how it focuses on the girl who's singing.
  12. I saw her first on Play with Me, and she had alot of make-up. I thought she looked weird and her eyes were too long. Then I saw her face with no make-up, and got to see her personality... Then I was like, Ooh lala, Goddess.
  13. Wow, I don't think I've seen anyone this pretty with such extreme expressions.
  14. Sometimes when Gyuri's on stage getting interviewed, she'll throw out her usual Goddess comments to the commoners out there. Such as when the interviewer says she's beautiful, she says, "It's true." Normally this should get a laughter from the audience in awe of her awesomeness, but sometimes there is dead silence... "Heh... heh... heh..." Her awkard laughter to let the commoners understand that that was her way of showing her playful side goes unnoticed by the slow ones. Perhaps since Gyuri is so beautiful, they are thinking she's being serious. Silence continues... The interviewer quickly changes the subject and a drop of sweat rolls down Gyuri's cheek. Moments like these makes me nervous.
  15. For a day or two, I actually believed that it would happen. Thanks for ruining my dreams guys.