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[2014.10.04] KARA "KARA The 3rd JAPAN TOUR 2014 'KARASIA'" Live Viewing

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Date of screening: November 19th, 2014 (Wednesday)


Aeon Cinema Ebetsu (Hokaido)

United Cinema Sapporo (Hokaido)

Aeon Cinema Natori (Miyagi Prefecture)

Aeon Cinema Natori (Ibaraki Prefecture)

TOHO Cinema Hitachinaka (Ibaraki Prefecture)

MOVIX Utsunomiya (Tochigi Prefecture)

Aeon Cinema Takasaki (Gunma Ken)

Aeon Urawa Misono Cinema (Saitama)

Aeon Cinema Ohi (Saitama)

Aeon Mall Cinema Makuhari (Chiba)

TOHO cinema Ichihara (Chiba)

Aeon Itabashi Cinema (Tokyo)

Aeon Musashi Murayama Cinema (Tokyo)

Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinema (Tokyo)

Shinigawa rince Cinema (Tokyo)

Shinjuku Wald 9 Cinema (Tokyo)

TOHO Kinshicho Cinema (Tokyo)

TOHO Shibuya Cinema (Tokyo)

TOHO Nibonbashi Cinema (Tokyo)

TOHO Roppoongi Hills Cinema (Tokyo)

United Toyosu Cinema (Tokyo)

Aeon Ebina Cinema (Kanagawa)

Aeon Ohoku New Town (kanagawa)

Aeon Minato Mirai Cinema (Kanagawa)

Aeon West Niigata Cinema (Niigata)

Aeon Kanazawa Cinema (Ishikawa)

Fukui Corona World Cinema (Fukui)

Ueda TOHO Cinema (Nagano)

Aeon Kakamigahara Cinema (Gifu Perfecture)

TOHO Hamamatsu Cinema (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Aeon Otaka Cinema (Aichi Prefecture)

Aeon Nagoya Chaya Cinema (Aichi Prefecture)

Kasugai Corona World Cinema (Aichi Prefecture)

Midland Square Cinema (Aichi Prefecture)

Aeon Kuwana Cinema (Mie Prefecture)

Aeon Oumihachiman Cinema (Shiga Prefecture)

Aeon Kastsuragawa Cinema (Kyoto)

Aeon Takanohara Cinema (Kyoto)

Aeon Ibaraki Cinema (Osaka)

Umeda Kita Ward 7 Cinema (Osaka)

TOHO Namba Cinema (Osaka)

MOVIX Sakai Cinema (Osaka)

Aeon Kakogawa Cinema (Hyogo)

OS M-Int Kobe Cinema (Hyogo)

MOVIX Amagasaki (Hyogo)

Aeon Kansai Cinema (Wakayama)

MOVIX Kurashiki (Okayama)

Aeon Horoshima Cinema (Hiroshima)

Aeon Ayagawa Cinema (Kagawa)

Aeon Tobata Cinema (Fukuoka)

Aeon Fukuoka CInema (Fukuoka)

T-Joy Kurume Cinema (Fukuoka)

United canalcity 13 Cinema (Fukuoka)

TOHO Nagasaki Cinema (Nagasaki)

Aeon Kumamoto Cinema (Kumamoto)

Mitte 10 Kagoshima Cinema (Kagoshima)

Southern Plex Okinawa Cinema (Okinawa)


Please Take Note: Showtime for the live performance at Yokohama Arena will be held on the same date.

                     A ticket for people 3 years or older is required. If a seat is needed for those 3 years of age or older then a ticket is needed.

                      For more information please consult the cinema playing the show.



Article Translated by: Viperion@karaholic.com 

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Kara is really famous in Japan, right? I hope all tickets sell fast :gemcheer:

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