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  1. I wonder if this guide is still up to date 🤔
  2. It's already 2022 and Kara's full discography isn't available on Spotify
  3. I loved this era so much! Many great memories ❣️
  4. I've foundout about Kara a long time ago, got addicted to their songs and now I'm trying to get into the fandom! Please, take good care of me ^_^

  5. Hi Youngji stans!!! Does youngji named her fandom yet??? Lots of love for u all
  6. I'm new at Karaholic and at Kamilia fandom, but I'll follow the rules straitly FIGHTING!!!
  7. I'm a new kamilia but seungyeon already has my heart She sounds and looks like an angel
  8. Welcome to Karaholic.

    1. Ana_lves


      thank you so much ?

    2. ilovekaramorethanthebeatles


      that was 2.5 years ago :lol::lol::lol:

      nonetheless, welcome back and thanks for the thanks

    3. Ana_lves


      ikr?! sorry about my timing hehe

      thanks(?) anyway :lol:

  9. WOW Kara is really famous in Japan, right? I hope all tickets sell fast
  10. Welcome to Karaholic, Ana_lves :)

    1. Ana_lves


      thank you for the greetings ???