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  1. [2016.01.06] Han Seung Yeon Album Released Event 1. 12th january 2017 - Club Citta ( Kanagawa ) Kanagawa Prefectural District 4-1 1830 - Interview Time , High Five + Autography Session 500 Yen is charged for beverage upon entrance of the event Type A : CD+DVD Code:TSHS-5001 Price :¥3,000+ Tax ・TYPE-B CD Only Code :TSHS-5002 Price :¥2,000+ Tax Details : 2. 14th january 2017 - Space HACHIKAI Tower Record Shibuya (Tokyo) 1600- High Five + Autography Session 1800 - High Five + Picture Session Type A : CD+DVD Code:TSHS-5001 Price :¥3,000+ Tax ・TYPE-B CD Only Code :TSHS-5002 Price :¥2,000+ Tax Details : 3. 14th January 2017 - Aeon Mall Odaka 1F Green Court (Nagoya) 1500 - opening speech + High Five + Autography Session 1800 - Opening Speech + High Five + Picture Session Type A : CD+DVD Code:TSHS-5001 Price :¥3,000+ Tax ・TYPE-B CD Only Code :TSHS-5002 Price :¥2,000+ Tax Details : 4. 15th january 2017 - osaka Business Park Enkei Hall ( Osaka) 1400 - Interview + High Five + Autography Session 1730 - Interview + High Five + Picture Session Type A : CD+DVD Code:TSHS-5001 Price :¥3,000+ Tax ・TYPE-B CD Only Code :TSHS-5002 Price :¥2,000+ Tax Details : 5. 16th january 2017 - Tower Record Umeda Osaka at Marubiru Shop 1800 - High Five + Autograph Session + Picture Session Type A : CD+DVD Code:TSHS-5001 Price :¥3,000+ Tax ・TYPE-B CD Only Code :TSHS-5002 Price :¥2,000+ Tax Details : 6. 17th january 2017 - Astro Hall , Jingumae, Chrome 4 . 32-12 . B1F 1430 - Mini Live show + High Five + Autography Session 1700 - Mini live show + High Five + Picture Session 500 Yen is charge for beverage upon entrance of the event Type A : CD+DVD Code:TSHS-5001 Price :¥3,000+ Tax ・TYPE-B CD Only Code :TSHS-5002 Price :¥2,000+ Tax Details : 7. 18th Janury 2017 - Space HACHIKAI Tower Records Shibuya ( tOKYO ) 1800 - High Five + Autograph Session + Picture Session 2100 - 『K-POP LOVERS! TV』 RECORDING Type A : CD+DVD Code:TSHS-5001 Price :¥3,000+ Tax ・TYPE-B CD Only Code :TSHS-5002 Price :¥2,000+ Tax Details : 8. 20th Janury 2017 - CUTUP STUDIO Tower Records Shibuya 1800 - High Five + Autograph Session + Picture Session Type A : CD+DVD Code:TSHS-5001 Price :¥3,000+ Tax ・TYPE-B CD Only Code :TSHS-5002 Price :¥2,000+ Tax Details : 9. 21st january 2017 - 2F Venus Grand Fort 1300 - Short Q&A session + High five + Autography Session 1500 - Short Q&A session + High five + Picture Session Type A : CD+DVD Code:TSHS-5001 Price :¥3,000+ Tax ・TYPE-B CD Only Code :TSHS-5002 Price :¥2,000+ Tax Details : Article Translated by : @viperion
  2. Han Seungyeon solo Album is confirmed today at Han Seungyeon Christmas Party 2016 today which is scheduled on 18th January 2017. ハン・スンヨン、ソロ初オリジナルミニアルバム「宇宙」 宇宙 通常盤 A 3,000 yen CD + DVD + Trending Card 宇宙 通常盤B 2,000 yen CD + Trending Card Source : Han Seungyeon Japan Official Fan Club
  3. 『HAN SEUNG YEON CHRISTMAS PARTY 2016』 The world 1st phone card of Fanda card is on sales . Fees : 1000 Yen Fanda Card Q & A : 1. Can received / made call ? Yes,you can used it even without any apps installed. 2. What kind of voice is inside the card ? After the event is over, you will received Han Seungyeon Voice message wishing Christmas / New year. It just like she is calling you ! 3. Can only made call once only ? Yes, it is limited to once per call only. 4. How many time can it be listen ? You will only received the call once time only. However you can listen to unlimited time through WEB. Detail is written on manual so please review through the manual. 5. After registered, is the phone card active ? Upon after registration. You will received a SMS notification. Follow the instruction and withing 3 minute you will received the call .After purchase it must register straight on the spot. 6. What if I miss the incoming call ? Sorry, We do not responsible for any miss call. Upon registration you will received the call withing 3 minute. So please do not miss it. Any Detail of how to activated it please refer to the image given.
  4. Hello, to all Kamilia or Non-Kamilia . It been a while since our last kamilia gathering. I manage to contact some nice Malaysian Kamilia to held another round of meeting next year. Last year it was mission successful for all of us. It was not so rarely for international Kamilia to had gathering so often as in Korea or japan. So why not use this opportunities to meet together and have fun together? The Gathering Event information : Location : Suria KLCC ( STARBUCK Coffe Shop ) Time : 11 A.M Date : 11th February 2017 (Saturday) Hope everyone can meet together there again .. If anyone has any inquiry can contact me through LINE or DM me .. Twitter :@karafor5 LINE : Kasutki
  5. A) at Kobe 16th December 2016 1400 Menu : 1.Steam Sea Bream Fish with herb & marinate Salmon 2.Baked Mushrooms Pie 3.Braised Beef meat seasoned with vegetable and Vintage port sauce 4.Sheraton Hotel House Dessert 5.Hot Coffee 6.Bread 1900 Menu : 1. Kihada Maguro Fish served with wild vegetable 2.Seafood Bisque Soup with crab 3.Kobe Beef serve with wine & Kobe Awaji Onions with butter 4.Sheraton Hotel House Dessert 5.Hot Coffee 6.Bread Tokyo 18th December 2016 1300 Menu 1.Sea Crab with Remoulade serve with vegetable & Pumpkin Soup 2.Steam Vegetable serve with chicken pot-au-feu soup 3.Beef Tender serve with wine & Madeira sauce 4.Almond & chocolate cake with fruit jam sauce 5.Hot Coffee 6.Bread 1800 Menu 1.Grill Trout with savory marinated & salmon roll 2.Clamp & shrimp soup 3.Beef tender with red wine & vegetable 4.Yogurt with Mango Mascara cream & strawberry sauce 5.Hot Coffee 6.Bread ~Article Provided by : @viperion Notes : Have a Nice Day & Let Meet There on That Day Together !! Have Fun With Your Artist !!
  6. Han Seungyeon Fanclub name has been officially decided today ! It been Name as " FanSY" The Meaning of it : 1. FanSy = Fancy ( symbolic meaning as caring among all Fans and Club) 2. FanSy = Fan + SY (Symbolic meaning as Fan and SY) NOTES : Translation may defer from original source Source : HSY Japan Offcial Fan Club p/s : it take us few month to figure it out together with her . So hope everyone like and understand the meaning of it.
  7. [2016.10.11] Notice of Upcoming 2017 Calendar date Purchasing sales Reservation and pre-order of Han Seungyeon 2017 Calendar will be accepted Starting from 11th October 2016. This time the calendar will be able to see clearly Han Seungyeon image in large size. It was special limited order production from our fan pages. Starting Date of Ordering : 11th October 2016 - 23rd November 2016 on 2359 Item Included : Every Six month of calendar on A2 size . The Specification is vary. Price : 2700 Yen (Included Tax) A~ll Shipping Will be Started on December 2016. However on 16th & 18th December during Han Seungyeon Christmas Party 2016 Calendar is available but is limited. Noted : All Item is Valid for Our Han Seung Yeon Japan Official Fan Club Member and Privilege Member Only !! Article Translated by : @viperion Source : HSY Japan Official Fan Club
  8. [Han Seung Yeon Christmas Party 2016] Genral Purchasing Available on 5th November 10:00 TRUE COLORS ~What Color You Prefer ? On the Event Han Seungyeon Will talk about her feeling through various events and also her new song. There will also has luxury hotel style full course meal prepared . Let us spent together in this 2016 Christmas Party and left a good memories together there . 1. 16th December 2016 Venue : Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers at Rokko Island Time : 1st Part : Open at 1300, Meal Start at 1400 & Show start at 1500 2nd Part : Open at 1800, Meal start at 1900 & Show start at 2000 2. 18th December 2016 Venue : International Convention Center Pamir Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa Time : 1st Part : Open at 1200 , Meal start at 1300 & Show start at 1400 2nd Part : Open at 1700, Meal start at 1800 & Show start at 1900 Fees : ¥45,000 ( including tax) . fees include all show ,Meal and service tax. All Meal are serve per pax and table. Seat number will given through the invitation card on that day. Each person can only purchased 4 ticket at a time. Site of Purchasing 1. 2 3. 4. 5. NOTES : Anyone has problem with ticket purchasing do Tweet me or LINE me for more detail. Thank You !! Article Translated by : @viperion Source : Han SeungYeon Japan Official Japan Fan Club
  9. Hello There .. I has a suggestion and which I feel is pretty fair to all parties .. Let Set a date , and let all kamilia around the world celebrate it at their own country with fellow kamilia friends at the same date and then post the picture here in karaholic ... I used to do it at Japan during Kamilia Day in which we all celebrate at the difference region at the same date. It was very successful here for us in Japan . So I feel It can applies for International Fan Kamilia Meeting too ..So that if we can do it , It can made people think that not only Japan & Korea Kamilia is active only but instead International Kamilia is also very active .. Well, this is only my suggestion .. Hope Admin of Karaholic can Consider .. Well, Good Luck Guy ..
  10. Glad for everyone that send me message recently as I was stuck with all my schedule for HSY fan club recently .. First of all thank you for everything that made our 1st Kamilia Meeting successful. And the Former kara member really appreciate it . Regarding the next Kamilia meeting I was not really sure as I am not staff of Karaholic anymore, So I am not authorized to organised any event through Karaholic here . So maybe you need to consult Karaholic Admin for more details .. I am gladly to join if there is any gathering with International fans around the world if the timing is right .. So Lastly I was so thankful for everyone that send me message and I was very appreciated it .. Thank You for message and feel free to PM me if you need any more inquiry .. Thanks you Goodbye
  11. 1. What is the main concept of this photo-book ? SY:Literally "Natural". Well, It's better to made less makeup and let everyone know the natural look of me but somehow it still still kept in photo-book so I has kept some natural beauty of mine as collection (Smile) 2.Where is this photo shoot taking place? SY:Well,at first in Japan which it took 4 day 3 night to finished it. In term of percentage 80% in Japan and 20% in Korea in which it really has the feel of Spring and Summer. It seem cold for me when I try to recall back during the photo shooting as all the day it was rainy day. During the photo shooting beside the sea shore will feel a warm wind blow because at that time I really anticipating the feel of hair blew by the wind as dancing in the scene. That why when the wind blow my hair up and it made me feel cold. It however made me feel variety of feeling but at the end it really made me feel whispering (Smile) 3.Share with us the photo shooting in Japan SY:I really has no idea where to head at first. We go to our favorite restaurant and some other place we feel is suitable. We also take few picture at Tokyo Dome and it was my 1st time to really look at Tokyo Dome from there. We also try the place where our 1st showcase in Japan Akasaka Blitz.It was also my 1st time to look it from there. It was really nice to look at the place which our fans has been through. 4.Recently you has become a Coffee Barrister qualification and finally can show us. SY:I has made some coffee before in a place I like. It's because the owner of the shop is Pottery Master and seem like the owner has passion for coffee so opened up this coffee shop.The owner is very nice and friendly person. Not only that but the owner dripping coffee style is also expert. 5.This full color photo book with total 140 page include a special gift of DVD inside.Will it made you feel that most of the photo is taken into the DVD but some are erase from the photo-book ? SY:Well, before the photo shooting taken place, I has buy a digital camera for myself.When I am free I always like to use my smart phone to take photo but somehow the quality are still not good enough if compare with digital camera. This time it was my 1st time taking photo so it was not easy to take a good picture myself.The photo I took myself has a special marking on it and also hope it can be share through SNS with everyone.Since many people say "I not good in selfie" that why I will continue to work hard.I has buy a selfie stick and has downloaded the app! 6.Inside the DVD with your new song "He and I". So that the reason made you to held your solo function Previously I also had my own drama OST experience and also had sing it on my solo stage but somehow it must take some time for me to get that feel to expressed the song meaning.1 song will took approximately 3 day.1 day for preparation,2nd day for recording and the next few day also need to do recording. It was also my 1st time to keep on repeating the same song again and again. 7.This new song is done by the co-operation between the SWEETUNE to completed it. SY:It really help me a lot since it was a while since I work together with SWEETUNE and I feel pleasure. I feel that if everyone had heard my song, It may feel that it represent my new image. 8.Will you has any plan in promoting any Japan song ? SY:Maybe,Yes but pratically I haven't did any planning of it yet.However if I had the chance I will do it! Translation by : @Viperion Source : Korea Pia Magazine Noted Rough Translation from PIA Magazine But must be better than Google Translation itself...>.<
  12. Kamilia Day Meeting 11th June 2016 This time we decide to held the meeting in several place in Japan at the same date but time may be vary. We hope to have this kind of arrangement to show that even KARA is officially disband by DSP but somehow Kamilia still active and former KARA member still active. What importantly is we want to let them know we still support them no matter what happen . Hokaido,Kanto region,Tokai Region,Kansai,Kushu & Shihoku. Hokaido Venue : Cafe Manna Time : 1900-2100 Fees : ¥4000 Kanto Venue : Shinjuku Time : 1700-2000 Venue : male (¥5,000), Female (¥3,500),Student(¥3,000),Junior Student(¥2,500) Note : Student & Junior Student will be identified by their student card identification Tokai Venue : Korean Miga Food Cuisine Time : 1800-2000 Fees : Adult Male (¥5000),Adult Female (¥4000),Children(¥3000) Kansai Venue : Sakura Namba Restaurant ( a minute walking distance within Namba & Osaka station) Time : 1700-2000 Fees : Male(¥3500),Female(¥2500) Kyushu Venue : Nearby Fukouka Hakata Station (TBC) Time : Start 1700 Fees : TBC Shihoku Venue : Matsuyama Area (excatly location to be confirmed) Time : 1700-2000 Fees : TBC NOTE : We hope that other country Kamilia can also celebrate at their own country on that day .. Have a Nice day Translation by : @viperion
  13. Pls participate more int kamilia.. On my list they are very less int kamilia participate. We would like this project to open to every kamilia ..come let join
  14. I feel Nicole current agency are doing well for her.. In term of promotion as we can see korea music industry are changing now in which attending variety show really cannot help them in promotion anymore. In fact attending public event or appear in public audience is even more helpful.. For korea comeback mostly all will promote in korea and period of promotion will end after all their come back show end which is a culture in korea for many year. For Japan album mostly will promote in Japan Only and very less likely promote in korea. In Japan music industry they mainly promote during their fan meeting and also through album selling (digital selling,streaming) as they aim for globally . Noted : I know all these information is base on my experiences & relation with Korea and Japan Agency .
  15. thank so much for all your hard work. I don't know much about you. can you tell me more. I jsut read your diary entry. you created a super forum before?

    1. viperion


      Sorry for late comment because i seldom log in here. Yes i created Kara Official Japan Fan Club & karaboard and also now i has retired and act as advisor for the forum