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  1. yep in love with the album cover already! their songs just get better and better cant wait for the release! poor wallet LOL
  2. thanks for the news! i loved the pv and cant wait for the album to come out! the concept is really interesting. NICOLE!<3 honestly they all look great. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!
  3. oh my buddha. Straight out beautiful. Hara has always been this attractive to me. Thanks for the news! I don't usually get the chance to see things like this!
  4. Straight out pretty sad. Probably the most depressing news about Kpop for me. I've been a Nicole fan since they debuted as 5 and til this day i am still in love with them. All their songs have been heartwarming and all their problems have made them stronger as a group. Although if she chooses to, I won't argue since her pay is really bad from what I've read, but I would love it if she still continues to be a part of KARA. LEGIT DSP BETTER DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW OR ALOT OF FANS ARE GONNA RIOT..... not even kidding LOL! All my feels.... LOL NICOLE <3
  5. been loving all her performances! sorry for the late post but i still listen and rewatch the performances today. Love their overall concept and the outfits! Runaway nicole <3 OMFG
  6. Need to ask about the "about me" section =\

  7. naww my about me section isn't nice =\

  8. sexy ftw. That's all im going to say. Although all of them are great as well. Just depends on the concept I guess
  9. Want to be more active on here.

  10. OMG YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT! man loving the version a package atm! Better start saving up to preorder this asap! It's been soo long since step......... korean comebacks i mean. they should make a korean comeback soon! i miss them that much. korean songs wise. ALOT of japanese promotions as well, but man fanboy overload very keen to see the new look of KARA
  11. Should I apply for staff?

  12. i still watch this preview everyday from the release to now. i LOOOVEEE it soo much! bloody sexy nicole!!!!!!! ;P i swear her performances are just A-MAZ-ING.
  13. Nicole with black hair again? :o WIN!