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Status Updates posted by xxelocinxx

  1. Hi, shuhada..I sent you a message. Pls pm me in case u didn't get any message. Thanks.. =)

  2. Thanks wish birthday aritu.. =)

  3. Thanks for ur wish..^_^

  4. Thanks for ur wish.. ^_^

  5. Haha..my bad. Sorry. :P

  6. Is it? U always update ur status @fb using korean language though.hehe..so, we came from the same background of study..

  7. But u still understands some of the korean words rite? I really wanna study that language..uhu. Btw, u study what at UTM? Engineering?

  8. Lol..I didn't even know anything about korean language xcept some hangul alphabets. I teach English. U're pretty gd with korean. Where do u study?

  9. Owh,i see. So there's already money inside the debit card. Will try to use it later. Rite nw, I'm working as a teacher. Guru ganti..will find a permanent job after my period as teacher is over.

  10. That's d problem..I dunno how to use that kind of card.lol..but, I'll try to make one once I already got a permanent job.

  11. Because I don't hv any bank account that allow me to buy it. Don't hv paypal, maybank, etc..uhu

  12. Erm,it might hv been arrived at my friend's office but she won't be there for 3 months b'cz she need to attend something..so, i dunno when I'll receive mine.uhu

  13. What? Only 5 days?? Aigoo~ After this I need to order frm Yesasia too. We need to have Paypal rite?

  14. waaa! I'm so jealous. Where do u bought it?

  15. Hi, there. Today is ur birthday,rite? Have a blissful and wonderful birthday~ ^^

  16. Do u buy JCL? I still didn't get mine..So excited for new Japanese single in June. It's single rite? Not an album?

  17. Yeah~ I only found half out of 12. And I became 0_0 when I know the answers. Esp the 'search' one. I only missing 1 word!haha..How about u?

  18. Haha..good then. Epy watching~

  19. Eh,the last episode already in sweet melodix mediabox rite?

  20. So sorry for a late reply. They're 12 episodes for Nicole vet..

  21. I never think that there will be a day that i will buy an ori CD until I know KARA..lol

  22. Haha..my bad. I bought once from 'Jack Sparrow' too.Sweet Muse dvd. But I'm not satisfied cz I want the photobook n other stuff.. =p

  23. Is he/she someone frm KH?lol..why don't u buy from that person too. B4 this, I bought from yekting.

  24. I can see ur frustration there..Before this, how did u purchase ur cd/dvd?

  25. Don't want ur money?lol..Mybe they'll reply on monday. I asked my frenz to buy it for me,so I dunno. Sorry for that.