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  1. I see you've been shouting recently ... good to have you back.

  2. former......? i wont believe anything other than Nicole or DSP statement. all those reporters, they just....... wanna hype up things
  3. If she really said what she meant, then, knowing her determination personality, i've got nothing to worry about

  4. i remember them backing our girls when they're in crisis. they're like family for kara n i absolutely love their sweet song here's the article: pd han jaeho tweet at that time:
  5. hi..MysweetKARA have take an order for Fantastic girl for malaysian kamilia?

    1. ukiyagk


      Steph is in charge of ordering stuff. So if you're interested try tweet to her @steph520. we wont take orders if no one ask :)

    2. iamrookie
  6. i sense that the concept must be something fierce like LUPIN. its gonna be daebak!
  7. i initially dont like the fact that she wanna quit being a goddess but lately, i've seen a lot of her new self. humble, quiet... i kinda interested to know her more
  8. hello, thanks for adding me :)

    1. haro


      LOL i should thank you for accepting me ^^