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  1. Aaaaaaah... I got no money, but I need them..... I'm going to Tokyo exactly next year. Will these still be sold in stores? Sigh. At least I can save up and have enough cash by then. Huaaaaa...
  2. Sigh. It makes me want to learn Japanese just so that I can understand what they're saying. But I'm too lazy. Mine (Blu-Ray coz I'd have to get a new DVD player that plays all regions if I were to buy the DVD one) is still being shipped. Quickly arrive already!
  3. What do you mean (by exact same album or singles)? I'm so torn. I've always wanted to have my own KARA CD/DVD collection, so I've bought all of the group's Korean albums. Next up I wanted to collect the Japanese ones. But now they have released the Collection. So I'm torn whether I should buy the albums individually (and probably save a lot of money) or buy the Collection. Sigh. Decisions decisions decisions.
  4. What's the difference between Limited Edition and Normal Edition? And why can't they make it better by providing English subs? Why didn't they think about us international fans?!
  5. T.T ElizaHara's MISC videos are blocked. Any idea where else I can watch them, please?
  6. I wish she'd start posing more sexily. She keeps saying that she wants to appear more adult but she's not showing her sexy appeal right. She's still holding herself back. Speaking of posing, I also wish she'd start posing better, sexy or not. Her body positions are so boring and similar like the ones she's used to do.
  7. Oh OK thanks. Yeah, I knew that Myeongdong is the haven of Kpop stuff slash merchandises so I'll be making a beeline to that area. So excited!
  8. How much is this in Won? I'm going to Seoul soon so Im contemplating on buying it there rather than ordering it through yesasia.