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  1. Merry Christmas~♥

  2. follow me @jweyjoker +)

  3. thank god shes in KARA now..mmuch better.. she could have trained with some tiara members maybe? lol idk..
  4. HAHHAHA NICOLE LOOK SO CUTE AND kinda different though.. and love the 3rd picture lol. she was like,,,, what the hell??1
  5. jweyjoker. i followed u already

  6. do u have twitter or facebook?

  7. haha..I'm Mikee from philippines...nice to meet you!

  8. thx! im jing wey and im from malaysia

  9. Thanks for the add~~~♥

  10. hahahha these days kara keep posting about their pets... i want selcas =D the new seungyeon with long hair was so pretty, and the pics regarding the fashion show too!! KARA HWAITING
  11. thanks you so muchhhhh for the seems like the controversy is getting better i guess..dont think there will be much trouble now... thanks again..KH staff is AWESOME!
  12. isnt she the cutest girl you've ever seen =D hahahah cant stop looking at her cuteness overflow!!!!! <33
  13. wow jiyoung's mother looks so young..! and 3 of them are sooo pretty <3
  14. LOL i thought it was really sang by kara...but anyway its nice though and have a great voice (Y)
  15. Omg.. ********* mannnnn... if the girls split i think i will split in half.... and dsp paid them damn little