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  1. Nicole really shows her colors when she dances whether she's on stage or in a small practice studio. Love this choreography piece with Jermaine Browne of Usher's 'Daddy's Home.'
  2. KARA's Heo Youngi's older sister showed off her singing talent. At 11:15 PM on the 23rd on SBS 'Roommate 2,' the roommates held a home party their family members were revealed. Heo Youngi's older sister and mom visited the share house and enjoyed the Christmas party with the members. Heo Youngi and Cho Seho showed off their talent with a passionate performance of 'Honey.' After Heo Youngi's performance, by Lee Dongwook's suggestion, her sister, Heo Songyoun returned her sister's performance with her own. The sister is enrolled in the School of Voice at Ewha's Women University and surprised everyone with her singing of few verses of Jacques Offenbach's 'The Tale of Hoffman' and 'Doll Song.' Lee Dongwook continuously awed as he commented, "Usually [she] speaks so softly..." Baek Jiyoung showed her sign of approval by giving a thumbs up. Source: Translation by: sarah k @karaholic
  3. Originally a KARA member, Kang Jiyoung will debut next month in a Japanese drama 'Hell Teacher Nube." The production crew is planning to keep the original image while creating a new character. They explained in regards to Kang Jiyoung's casting that "A lot of work is put in so not just the original fans but those who do not know Yukime's character will receive a lot of love. Although Kang Jiyoung's pure white image is beautiful, her playful smile is charming. She matches well with Yukime's character." It's the first of a Korean actress working with the crew in a Japanese drama without interpretation. 'Hell Teacher Nube' is originally a comic series by Makura Sho and Okana Takeshi of an elementary student teacher with a monster's hand at an academy exterminating monsters and demons to protect the children. Japanese media Oricon Style announced on the morning of the 4th that 'Kang Jiyoung will appear as Yukime character in the Japanese drama 'Hell Teacher Nube'. From the report, Kang Jiyoung will work with Japanese actors Mirei Kiritani, Ryuhei Maruyma, Yuri Chinen and more. Kang Jiyoung's character Yukime as a strong possessive personality and is considered to be loud among the humans with a free-spirited character. Kang Jiyoung shared that 'I've had fun reading all the original work because I've been interested in Japanese monster since I was little. From the start, I thought Yukime's passion and mine were similar. I'll try hard so the character will receive much love." Source: Translated by: sarah k @
  4. On the 6th, LOEN Entertainment revealed that Melon music chart will open a showcase for the release of KARA's new album as 'Melon Premiere - KARA Day & Night' on August 18 at 8:00 pm at Sang-Am-Dong Port Freeze Tower, and there will be a 'fan meeting' for about 25 people (2 per person) with KARA by invitation. At the 'Melon Premier- KARA Day & Night' album release showcase, fans will be able to hear KARA's new song collaborated with producers, DoubleKick, and see KARA's elaborate performance especially with their new member, Young Ji Huh. To enter to attend the showcase, the entries are received until August 12 (Tues) through Melon's website or mobile app within the event page where the 'enter for KARA fan meeting' button can be found. The winners will be revealed on August 13. Melon advises that the chances were great if the visitor and KARA increases the level of closeness/intimacy. 'Closeness' can be measured by the public and artist's interaction by the number of who listened to their music, watched the music video and even read posts and replied to them. Also, the individual can check his or her rank among all the other fan's of the relevant artist to show that he/she is not just a fan but have a close and special relationship. Since the 6th, Melon implemented a restructing of their website and mobile app platform by processing all the meaningful big data collected from the past 10 years to evolve into a service providing information of artists and connection. Currently, Melon communicates with the fans and artists from Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, etc and more from domestic companies and indie labels of about 240 partners including about 20,000 artists. Source: Translated by: sarah k @ karaholic
  5. Girl group KARA's strategy is use familiarity and their comeback. The plan is to bring familiar music like "Day & Night" from their new album "Day & Night" as their winning move. It shows determination that they will maintain the previous KARA color. KARA's entertainment company 'DSP Media" had a telephone conversation with 'Dispatch' on the 25th and revealed "There has been a lot of changes since the members changed. Thankfully the original KARA members and the new member, Youngji balanced each other a lot better than expected so the comeback date is sooner than planned." Not much attempt was made in changing their music. They're returning to KARA's previous music. The company reported, "When requesting songs, there was a desire to keep KARA's previous look and feel. If we tried to change the music genre because a new member was added, it'll be overdoing it and would give a foreign feel to the fans." However, we did upgrade the performance. It's determined that they will show a high level of dance skill. An insider explained, "Among all the KARA songs, the choreography difficulty in this album is the most difficult. The dance movements will be organic. Also, they've prepared dances with key moves like "the butt dance," "mic dance." The goal is to show a more mature look. The visual concept is a luxurious sexy look. The company said "Currently, there are 10 different looks for the comeback. Instead of using revealing clothing, we've emphasized on the hint of sexiness. You'll be able to see a new level of maturity." Now, KARA is in the last stage of getting ready for their comeback. The first show is planned to be revealed on the 18th. DSP said that "KARA is doing their final practices with the comeback approaching. Youngji the youngest is especially practicing 24 hours.She's doing her best so she doesn't hinder the team." Source: Translation by : sarah k @ karaholic Credit : ELJunRa @ karaholic
  6. So, what are some of our ideas? Since we have seen what other groups have done should we try something new? She's going into a lot more acting careers. Something to help her with that? Like a care package of things she needs while travelling on the road and getting her rest in the van while on set?
  7. BABY KARA couldn't raise their heads while being criticized. On the KARA Project show aired on June 10, we can see Baby KARA getting harshly criticized by the choreography teacher in middle of their practice for the fourth mission song "Go Go Summer." Baby KARA couldn't hold in their panicked expression when they were suddenly told that their third mission song is "Lupang" while practicing and getting evaluated for their "Go Go Summer" choreography. After the "Lupang" dance choreo was complete, the choreography teacher asked with a firm face "Did anyone practice again after I told them which parts they need to fix?" to Baby KARA and none of them were able to raise their hands. He then said, "Let's just say that two of you become KARA members. Do you think the three original KARA members would approve?" He continued to tell off saying, "Do you feel like you've become a singer already seeing your name on the search engines and people recognize you?" Baby KARA wasn't able to reply and simply put their heads down. Source: Translated by : sarah k @karaholic
  8. The members of "SNS Expedition 1danupgo" were met with excited fans at the airport. The members (Oh Sang-jin, Kim Min-Joon, Park Gyuri, Oh Man-Seok, Suh Hyun-Jin, Jung Jing-Woon) left for Brazil the first showing on the 9th of SBS World Cup in Brazil "SNS Expedition 1danupgo." On this day fans reached out to them at the airport in Brazil. Oh Man-Seok couldn't help himself from laughing and fancied the situation with laughter of the fans screaming out Park Gyuri and Jung Jin-Woon's names and acted as the manager. Source: Translated by: sarah k @ karaholic Credit: edr49890 @ karaholic
  9. Thanks Violet for catching that! You are correct. It is "I can sleep here." And you are correct that I did type fast since I was on a time crunch when I was translating. Thanks for understanding.
  10. Gyuri, leader of KARA, was found sleeping out in the open at an airport. The photo was revealed through the airing of highlight scenes during the afternoon of the 5th through SBS program "SNS Expedition 1danupgo." From the collected scenes, Kara's Gyuri sleeping out in the open scene grabbed much attention. Within the video, people can see Gyuri's bare face without makeup sleeping on the benches in the airport with a blanket over her. Not long ago, Gyuri left for Brazil to shoot "SNS Expedition 1danupgo" and on a day without any schedule, she and actor Oh Man-seok traveled to Iguazu. To see the Iguazu Falls, Gyruri got on the plane and arrived at Iguazu airport when the public transportation has already stopped running and was difficult to find any lodging nearby. Ultimately, Gyuri and Oh Man-seok decided to spend the night at Igauzu airport. It wasn't easy for even Oh Man-seok, a male, to wash in the airport public bathrooms and sleep in a public area. Oh Man-seok expressed uneasiness sleeping in the public area knowing that he is Brazil where enforcement was questionable. Gyuri was cool about the situation all the more. Gyuri made the first lead saying "I can sleep here" with a down to earth attitude and surprised not only Oh Man-Seok but also the entire staff. Also, Gyrui comforted Oh Man-Seok when he said "I'm sorry that I am making an idol to sleep at the airport" by replying "It's okay. Don't say that." Source: Translated by: sarah k @karaholic
  11. On the 17th episode of MBC drama "Jang Bo-ri is Here!" airing on July, it shows a scene of Geum Bora, Woo Hee-jin and Han Seungyeon dancing at the culture center. On the 16th episode, Woo Hee-jin was pitied for going through a heart break. The niece, Han Seungyeon. says dancing is the best when depressed and forces Woo Hee-jin and Geum Bora to the culture center. Han Seungyeon felt right in place and danced excitedly twirling her hips and Geum Bora followed after dancing her best. Woo Hee-jin gave in and danced without emotion. Geum Bora unexpectedly "beats" Han Seungyeon while dancing which increased the curiosity. The culture center is located in Kangnam, and the shooting continued till after 10 PM. Han Seungyeon arrived first and familiarized herself with the latest dance music dance steps. Like a girl group member, after practicing twice and understanding the choreography, Han Seungyeon performed perfectly during rehearsal. Geum Bora as Hwa-yun kept saying sorry because she is scolding Ga-uel (played by Han Seungyeon) every time they shoot a scene together. At the same time, Han Seungyeon laughed out loud when Geum Bora said that all the previous actors who got hit by her became stars. Woo Hee-jin acted very clownish with her poor dancing skills and by missing all the beats. She asked the stylist to "make the hairstyle crazy as possible" to show her heart breaking lifestyle and craziness. The 17th episode will air on July at 8:45 PM. Source:'> Translated by : sarah k @karaholic Credit: edr49890 @ karaholic
  12. Han Seuneyon reveals her frightened feelings regarding the Sewol ferry accident. KARA's Han Seungyeon posted on April 17 on her Twitter account about her pitiful heart towards the Sewol ferry accident on the coast on morning of the 16th. Han Seungyeon wrote, "It's sad to see each minute and second go by and to see such pitiful day come. Is there anything I can say. I can only pray. Coincidentally, I'm getting mad how the weather has become more downcast." It shows that Han Seungyeon is unable to hide her saddened heart as the conditions get worse on the coast with wind, rain, and downcast weather making it hard for the rescue work. Meanwhile, at 9:00 AM on April 16, Sewol left the Incheon dock towards Jeju had a big accident 21 km from Byeonpungdo and the coast, On the 17th at 5:00 AM, out of total 475 passengers, 179 people were rescued, 9 died, and 287 people were missing. Source: Translated by: sarah k @karaholic
  13. Everyone ~ It's a good evening. Are you doing well? Today, I woke up really early. Do you know why ~~~ haha I've been craving pancakes since few days ago, so I planned to go eat brunch in the morning with a friend. Gyah! keke I ate pancakes and had a vocal lesson afterwards... ha ha I thought I was able to get a lesson in a very full condition kekekekeke Thought today will be a rather relaxing day. Truthfully recently... my cravings peaked. I keep wanting to muffin, hamburgers, and more... it's out of control. Not too long ago, before practice, I ate yogurt, two chocolate chip cookie for dinner @_@ keke because I wanted to eat them. I missed the foods that I ate from two years ago that my list grew.... last year... although I did spend time having fun going around eating. Yesterday till today, in New York, it's spring weather ... but the temperature will drop again starting from Sunday T T Hiing (whimper sound)... How is the weather in Korea? (: When will it become spring Hiing. Original post in Korean from Nicole: Source: Credit: yuda @ karaholic Translated by: sarah k @ karaholic