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  1. Thank you She looks so cuuuuuute ☺ Aaaah how did this happen How am I using someone else account to comment
  2. LMAO! omg i jsut checked it out ! almost $500 lol !! forkkkk... i remme paying almost that amount for urakara boxset lol
  3. Lmao vennie ur alive. Kim lol the good times mang.
  4. u can have CDJAPAN order it for you but theres extra cost. i did this with KARA's Urakara box set sold only at UMJ.
  5. ahh SBS CONCERT WAS SUCH FUN ! lmaoo me and vennie 2 seconds of fame ~ we sat right infront with our giant banner :38
  6. finally got the confirmation from unicef here are the images of acknowledgement English version
  7. update: We finally donated and are awaiting for the confirmation message from unicef. once we get it we will tweet it with the proof of donation
  8. thank u so much to all the supporters and donators ! we have reached the goal in such a short time !! <3
  9. Happy 7th Birthday Ranran !!!! LOL (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖

  10. omg! thank u so much for such a generous donation !! it is too much !! how can we repay u!!