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  1. It seem like it doesn't it show here, but if you watch it on youtube, you can click on caption icon at the bottom for the English sub.
  2. Hara look amazing with this hairstyle. I think the picture are from 03.02.2010 Kiss the radio. Just uploaded another fan made videos of hara to youtube. credit: 미래는 내것 @ kara-t
  3. I simply love this performance, can't express how happy i'm from watching their emotion at the end. congrats kara! looking forward to many more wins.
  4. I think it's best if we stop mentioning it =] I've always been a fan of Hara, I like her innocence appearance and fun personality.She's also pretty. Lovely smile.
  5. I did'nt know you visit my profile and wished me Happy Birthday.. thanxx.. Fighting!!

  6. happy b-day~! *cheers*

  7. welcome to the fam ;)

  8. thanks, Hara look so sophisticated with glasses :D

  9. i love your HARA avatar. =]

  10. happy 17th birthday~!

  11. haha, didn't know there's a guess book feature =)