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  1. After thinking about it for a bit, I think C won't have a photobook. They rarely change these things last minute and the biggest giveaway is usually the price. I don't remember the prices of the last singles with photobooks but this one looks way cheap compared to the DVD counterparts. So that probably means that it's just the CD inside and nothing else... but I do hope I'm wrong!
  2. Ah man, I like cover B but I like Speed Up as a song better. What to do! Anyways, I'm really disappointed there's no photobook for C. I collected all of them. Now I'm not sure what to get. C looks like it should be the usual A version which is the normal CD package. I hope they add a photobook to the release later =p
  3. ^ YES! I was also upset at those couple minutes each ep. After that previous episode was like... 11 minutes? Oh well, it's her first role so I try not to keep my hopes too high @GooBurber: Thanks for the encouragement! I guess I like hara so much that when people make the wrong assumptions about her I get really defensive. I'm glad we can all support her here at least as her international fans ^^
  4. lol her singing was hilarious! I'm 99% sure she was purposely singing slightly off tune. If you noticed there's the others were looking annoyed except nana because she's supposed to be singing 'horribly'. If she was singing well, I'm sure Minho wouldn't have looked so irritated (maybe even comment that the only thing she knows how to do is sing lol). Even if this is her "fake" singing, I think it still sounded very nice BUT i don't like her doing that scene because I feel like people are just gonna rip on her again and say "oh look! that girl sings so bad!" Even on viki, people were already doing that. Someone said "I guess KARA helped her out [to get the acting part]". So freakin rude. They're lucky that hara is such a kind person that she accepts whatever criticism she gets lol you should edit that to make it say something about hara haters btw, that part was awesome
  5. okay i have some comments as a hara lover. someone please read this and tell me if you agree.. for one, i'm watching these subbed shows on viki and i am VERY annoyed at those people who are watching it. I'm okay with them liking minho but if you leave the comments on it's like a spazz about minho every 5 minutes. seriously. and then when hara comes on they often b*tch (pardon the language) about her.. dude that's her freakin character chill. and those critics can shove it. i find them really attention getting to try and hate on an idol. it should be obvious this is her first time truly acting since that's how it's advertised. then we get this bs about "she should stick to singing" etc. okay SUPPOSEDLY she sucks then under that mindset i guess every time we fail at something the first time try then we should give up. these critics are a bunch of idiots and i don't have to be biased to see that. my last point i wanna make is that hara does NOT suck at acting. she has gotten compliments from both fans and non-fans. AND minho has complimented her whom himself is a veteran actor. hmmmm lets see, who should i trust more... a Real Actor or critics who just complain all the time? i think the choice is obvious. btw, if Hara sucked at acting, Minho wouldn't lie and say she does it well. he just wouldn't say anything. what a bunch of biased idiots.
  6. Thanks for that vid translation Yoo! I've been waiting for you to sub that one.. it looks like the members really liked her!! And they have good reason to
  7. That's interesting... I never thought of it that way. So maybe it is intentional to head them up with the most popular groups in Japan just to gain some more popularity and respect? hmmmm... well I have no doubt they'll do well based on their track record in Japan Btw, I'm proud (and foolish) to say that I bought the B cd right when cdjapan told me the preorder was up. I'd probably still buy it if the song sucked, which isn't possible
  8. Just saw this a bit earlier. So stoked for the PV... the girls are gonna look gorgeous And the song is really cute
  9. You are so awesome ^^ I aspire to be like you one day ;)

  10. Pls check this thread again. i edited. and so sorry :)

  11. ^ haha I would totally do that! I wish I was rich to afford a new outfit everyday Hey Yoo I have a request.. can you translate what Hara is saying in the video you just uploaded called "[interview] 110531 - Hara Interview City Hunter on The-Star". Hara seems to be saying something really funny that makes all the actors laugh but I have no idea what's going on =\ If you could translate that would be awesome. It's pretty short i think too ^^ Thanks for all your hard work
  12. I'm not sure about HMV but I would buy from cdjapan if I were you. I've used both and cdjapan is cheaper and doesn't have ridiculous shipping prices. Plus cdjapan will count for rankings and they give you those bonus items (even yesasia doesn't get the bonus items half the time)
  13. omg thanks for sharing this! it's now my fav conference vid! i love how they analyzed everything hara did.. she's such a cute dork.. i've fallen for her already <3 I'm also glad to hear that they're trying to give hara a bigger role (and I think the cast really likes her as Minho openly stated) but hearing about the japan promotions at the same time makes me sad. to be honest, both are important but I'd rather see her show up in the drama more because this is Hara's dream! And it seems like people love her acting already ^^
  14. Lol I agree! I think it makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint since collectors care about the regular editions the least so this is one way to "make them" buy it =p
  15. oh man good job girls for getting the gig. esp hara who's getting really really popular now ^^