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  1. graphcis updated! in part2

  2. Lovesick has been udpated!

  3. That's kind of scary. I can see why you're worrying. >< That makes me worried too. And the concert too. I never thought about that...let's just hope for the best and hope it plays out well for both KARA and the company. (: But yeah, I could kinda tell something was up when our girls weren't living together anymore. Probably going to have more debating and negotiating.
  4. We Got Married. xD Strong Heart. Star King (Idk if this show still runs...?). I really miss them on Korean variety shows. I'm really happy they get to participate in Japanese variety shows, but those shows are usually immediately blocked once uploaded on YT. ): Alsoo, it would be nice if KARA got to host/participate in a show with ALL of the members and not just one of them. I love them all individually, but I just miss seeing them together on Korean variety shows.
  5. LOOOOOOVED STEP! I will never get tired of Step. Thank you for posting! I'm so happy the girls came back to Korea and made it to this. On AKP, they didn't even post the videos of their performances! So I was like "OMG, DID KARA NOT PERFORM?!" Good thing I came here. ^^ Thank you! The collab with 2pm was okay. It was cute hahaha. WHERE'S THE COLLAB WITH SHINEE?! Anyways, thanks for posting! (:
  6. Merry Christmas~♥

  7. rosedust is updated! =]

  8. OMG. ;______; CONGRATULATIONS! YAYYY! THE LAWSUIT IS GONE. NO MATTER WHAT, WE KAMILIA HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING THEM AND NOW THIS GREAT MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED! (: YAY! I hope that everything goes well from now on, and nothing will go wrong. BestFreakin5 Thank you thank you THANK YOU so much for posting!
  9. Omg omg omg. I really wanna hear Hara and BabyJing. xD Nicole's already good so it's probably flawless. SeungYeon should speak English moreee! Thanks for the download! (:
  10. Hara, I love you. This is why you're my role model. She's such a rebel. Donating money without company consent. Hehe. x) Thanks for posting!
  11. Awww, that's cute. (: Yessss. KARA (and all kpop actually) is really addicting. Their songs are either so cute or so inspirational. (: I'm glad they liked Lupin! Lupin is one of KARA's best songs. Maybe even THE BEST. My friends one day flipped through my iPod and started listening to kpop. ^^ They aren't asian either. It's really cool that non-asians like kpop too.
  12. Definitely. In a positive way. (: Because when I get sad or something bad happens to me, I just listen to KARA and I feel encouraged to move on. I think a lot of the affected Japanese people will feel the same way as they listen to KARA or even see a picture of them smiling. (:
  13. When I saw the 10 million views, my eyes were like this O_O. CONGRATS KARAAAA! <3
  14. yeosin_enairrol, thank you sooo much! (: I just got chills. Let's continue to hope for the best for the girls. KARA fightingg!! <3