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  1. Super stoked. Havent been on this site for so many years already! And now I'm back because KARA is back! Just also finished watching the episode of them on IU's Palette... really brought back so many memories, and totally loved that Nicole and Ji Young were so welcoming to Youngji. I knew I was never wrong to follow KARA. And also, Nicole tearing up at the end when giving a closing statement to IU, really brought back memories of the old times on "Heroes" and when they hosted Inkigayo together.
  2. Haven't been here at Karaholic for ages. I really miss Nicole. Really anticipating her solo debut. We'll definitely still be posting about her here when that time comes, right? Even when she is officially not a KARA member anymore.
  3. Personally, although I like Kwang Soo for who he is and his Running Man personality, I can't visualize them as a couple at all. Maybe it's because he's too tall and does not appear ideal for Cole. But I hope their good acting in the episode, or the story will prove otherwise and win my support haha.
  4. ........ World Tour seems like a far-fetched dream when Japan is a goldmine.
  5. Well... The photoshopped Barbie Doll of Nicole looks much better than the previous Mr. ones that were made. But of course, it's a real photo of her. If only the dolls made resembled KARA closer.
  6. I don't really want to say this but... I don't really like the song. The melody is not dramatic and "roller-coaster" enough for me - the parts are barely discernible from each other and I don't even know when it hits the chorus. It's like only falsetto throughout. "Go Go Summer" was a much better summer song. Oh well, I think I miss KARA's dance songs already. I guess I'll just wait for the MV to come out. Let's see if it can make me fall in love with this song.
  7. Definitely Nicole. It's so obvious no one can actually deny that she is the most outgoing and sociable with her wide network of friends. Strangely, as a Cole fan, I'm like the polar opposite.
  8. Ahh the Ramen cf. I hope they get more of this kind of cfs where they act in together.
  9. Ahhhh, her latest instavid too cute. "Annyeong~ Muah" OMG. A little of me died inside. And I can swear her eyesmile was about to appear when the video ended. Could have been a second longer to catch her eyesmile. Here's the link:
  10. Tattoo isn't all that bad, people are opening up to the idea of it. But I personally disapprove still. Especially not on Nicole.
  11. LOL. Gyuri all shy even if she performed those songs with KARA a million times before.
  12. That girl really knows how to do surprises. Almost no news for some time and then bang, a big bomb. I'm going to expect more than just this dance cover though... I need more Nicole activities to make up for all the time she had no activities at all.
  13. ...and I thought her cutting her hair back to bob would be the final hairstyle for the next hairstyle.
  14. Hopefully one of their stories will be a tear jerker. It's been years since I watched a show that could make me cry.
  15. I think kara4life's gifs look like they have potential to make good KARA Star Collection Cards lol. I've commented quite a bit before on her new hairstyle, but I guess you could say it really is similar to Go Jun Hee's, Jinwoon's wife in WGM. As for looking like a mom... hmm... but nope, not really. But I can imagine many younger, working-in-the-office mothers to sport that typical hairstyle. Her hair is cool and looks great on her, though I'd prefer a little more fringe/bangs on her instead of being parted at their roots. But either way, I'll still get used to it anyway. Her hair here though, is nothing less than perfect even without the bangs.