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  1. When I found out about their comeback I was in shock to be honest and I really couldn't believe Nicole, Jiyoung and Youngji would perform together. I was also anxious because I didn't know what to expect after so long. I was also affraid by what kind of songs they would release since kpop music has changed so much in term of sound. And since I was quite disapointed by SNSD comeback, I decided to not expect too much and to just enjoy this precious gift from KARA. When I saw their MV, I wanted to was simply KARA...and after watching the MAMA performance I realised once again why I love KARA so much. They are amazing and we can feel the hard work and investment they put in this comeback for the fans. They didn't release a simple fan song but a real comeback song. When I Move screams KARA perfectly but in a modern way. I'm also so happy to have so many contents to watch and each time it reminds me how much I missed them.
  2. I hope DSP could let her release a solo project like they did with Hara.
  3. Since I got it this morning...I wanted to share with you
  4. Ham is a very intelligent person and I'mproud she has decided to pursue her dream as an idol instead of trying to become a doctor but I also know she would become a great doctor if she had taken this path back then. She is great and combine almost every things a woman need : beauty, talent, personnality and brain.
  5. I'm out of money at the moment so I am waiting for my upcoming birthday to see what I will do
  6. Youngji rap part is my favorite...I'm so addicted to this part that I listen to it in repeat mode lol.
  7. The beat of Cupid is great. Their live performance was flawless.
  8. I love the cover for the LE.B but whant the content the DVD from LE.A....what should I do ? I can't afford to buy both versions since I need to buy their 7th Korean mini-album.
  9. After listening to the album teaser I'm satisfied because it seems to sound like KARA and that is the most important for me. I love how they look so beautiful for the concept. And I'm also glad they will perform for Dream is very a sweet gift for the fans.
  10. I like the album cover and teasers. It looks very feminine...just the way I like KARA. I hope they could do well with this comeback.
  11. @Jappy You have got such an amazing collection ! I envy you so much
  12. I'm glad their are still doing well in Japan. To be honest, I find this single pretty bad so it is surprise for me to see it tops the charts.
  13. I think that this is a good idea. 'Forever Love' is such a nice song and one of Fin.K.L most popular song. Moreover the song fits KARA japanese image but I wonder if this remake will be in korean or japanese.