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  1. Oh god, this is what I've been waiting for! finally! a comeback + solo songs, nothing gets better than that! I do hope they'll promote it, because it's too good to not promote! I'll be waiting for the girls~ totally excited for it!
  2. Thanks! I already left a comment =)

    would you able to read mine´s?

  3. hello! i updated for tomorrow! ^^

  4. hello! i updated for tomorrow! ^^

  5. Thank you for the links! I'm so sad that there's no fancam of Ham's solo DDD: Keep on updating! Thanks (:
  6. I really feel so proud of the J-Kamilias, they are so dedicated to the girls! I wish I could have watched them but it's in Japan DDD:
  7. well, i dont know how to send PM for my fanfics xD but it´s Ok, post it here =)


  8. I don't know what's wrong >___<

    If I'm gonna send you a PM, I'll just post here in your profile, is that okay with you? ^^

  9. hello!!! how are u?

    What I have to do to be a PM? =(

    It say you can

  10. Awww! this is so cool! KARA Anime? Hahaha~ DSP has really done a good job on promoting KARA on Japan! Hope to see this animation soon w/ eng subs! :DD
  11. It's between Nicole or Seungyeon! these two seems to be so alike yet so different! They are both overflowing with aegyo. They are outgoing, and fun to be with~ and I think they are very cheerful and can keep up with conversations!! ^^
  12. I pick Nicole~ because, I think she's very nice, and approachable. Not saying that the others are not approachable. It's just that she gives off these good vibes, and you'll instantly get along with her~ ^^