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  1. Been a while since someone posted her recent IG posts, but here is some she posted 220315. Our hammie is aging backwards! too beautiful
  2. (Late post! but hoping we'll get more soon ) KARA members had united again to spend time with one another. On January 30, Jiyoung posted a photo on her Instagram story. The photo showed the KARA members gathering to celebrate Jiyoung's birthday. Fans and netizens were happy to see the members of KARA join together and spend time with one another again. In fact, the members of KARA have been known to share a fond friendship with one another as they would gather together to celebrate once in a while. (Members met with one another to celebrate their 14th anniversary last April.) Last year, the four members met with one another to celebrate their 14th anniversary since their debut. In 2007, KARA debuted as a four-member group. However, when member Kim Sung Hee left the group, members Hara and Jiyoung were added to become a five-member group. Thereafter, the group received much love through hit songs such as "Honey," "Mister," "Lupin," and more. Source: AKP
  3. KARA + them designer bags, I want
  4. We miss you Hara thanks for sharing!
  5. Gyuri looks so good, thanks for all the updates! I heard she has another musical soon!
  6. Still waiting for Age of Youth season 3, although a bit impossible now
  7. There were 2 projects I've seen so far and I think both of them are done? All KARA members: KARA - BF5: I know the 2nd one is done for sure as I have already seen the subway ad posted on twitter. Maybe you can still try messaging @15thKaraproject if they are still accepting donations?
  8. Index

    I have a soft spot for Sunghee Thanks for sharing
  9. A doe-eyed Nicole arrives She brushes her hair out of her face as she approaches the stage Nicole accepts her appointment as honorary ambassador She flashes a big smile Flowers for the pretty lady What is Nicole up to now? Nicole leaves her mark on the T-shirt Nicole attended an appointment ceremony as the honorary ambassador of the ′Hallyu Star and Small Businesses′ Corporate Social Responsibility Project,′ held at the IKP Seminar Room in Seoul′s Seocho-gu on December 10. Source: Mwave
  10. Kamilia may need to hear this out! In a recent interview, KARA member Gyuri cleared up misunderstandings about the status of the group. The idol and actress shared, "I think even though KARA haven't disbanded or anything, because we're all now under different labels, our activities together as a group will become more scarce. But aside from KARA, I want to be active individually. Because I started out as a child actress, I'm thinking I want to try go deeper into acting rather than singing." As for people referring to KARA as "disbanded" these days, Gyuri stated, "The honest truth is just that we've split up into different labels, but the simplest way to describe that is by saying that we've 'disbanded,' so people who aren't fully aware seem to be expressing it as if we've really disbanded." She further added, "We keep in close contact with one another. We've been talking about finding a good opportunity to release an album and promote as KARA. And even though we meet up privately a lot, sometimes we like to update our SNS accounts with pictures together just to let our fans know, 'We're all doing well, so please don't worry about us.' None of us want to worry our fans." Despite the popular belief that KARA have disbanded as a group, it seems like the girls are looking for opportunities to return as a whole! We hope it will be in the near future! Source: AKP
  11. KARA's Gyuri might be ready to hone her acting skills on a new movie! According to multiple reps belatedly, she and actor Seo Joon Young are set to pair up for a movie of the melodrama genre, 'How Should We Break Up?' which is a heartwarming story about people and cats. It will be directed by Cho Sung Gyu and filming began this month. She had previously worked with the director before in 'Two Rooms, Two Nights.' The news of her casting is already well known among her fans, not to mention she posted the script for the movie on her Instagram recently, so you'll get to see her in the big screen again soon! Source: AKP
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    A picture of Hammie and my feels everyday
  13. Spazz

    I miss her so much I hope she could sing for us in the future...
  14. Singer Youngji, who has recently become a solo act by default after the rest of KARA left the agency, appeared on SBS's 'Discovering the Gifted' on January 27. There, she was asked, "How do you feel about becoming solo after promoting as a group?" and she replied, "To tell the truth, this is my first broadcast after becoming solo. I am extremely nervous right now. However, I am trying to live diligently. Saying it like this sounds a bit off, but I will work hard. I hope you would watch over me." We will, we will, no doubt! Fighting! Source: Allkpop
  15. Seungyeon wrote a letter to fans about moving on from KARA after the group's official disbandment and joining hands with J,WIDE-Company. On January 26, Seungyeon wrote: "Everyone, it's been a while. It's Seungyeon. I've been wondering how I should say this, writing and erasing, and I've decided to tell you how I've been doing ever since I made a choice about my agency. I'm sorry I'm late. I joined DSP Media when I was 19, and it's quite awkward, hard, and scary now that I've left. I'm sure you feel the same. I debuted at 20, and along with my members, I received a lot of love from fans, and we took care of each other's hurts the past 9 years. The memories we've had together are really precious in my life. Now, I'm trying to make pretty memories and experiences with you fans under a new agency. We haven't broken apart, turned on each other, or separated before. I trust that we know you all more than anybody. I'm always sorry that you're hurt by what the world says, but I'll try to be happy with you now. I'll meet you all more often, and I'll think about trying out different things to show you all. Even in this moment, I thank the members, team, and all of you who've worried with us. It was a very peaceful 9 years. And with our fan's love... I think that we've gone well until now. Like we have until now, I want to walk with you all with nothing going wrong." What are your thoughts on Seungyeon's letter? Source: Allkpop
  16. It's now official that former KARA member Gyuri has joined the cast of KBS historical drama 'Jang Young Shil'. On January 26, a rep from KBS revealed, "Gyuri is currently filming 'Jang Young Shil'. She'll appear on the January 30th broadcast this Saturday. She won't be playing the role of a bodyguard as previously reported. She'll be playing the only daughter of an imperial household." This is Gyuri's first official activity following KARA's disbandment on January 15. 'Jang Young Shil' airs every weekend at 9:40PM KST. Source: Allkpop
  17. How cute is Nicole in this new 'KWAVE' solo pictorial? She's looking perfectly adorable and fresh-faced in this shoot. In fact, she doesn't look any older than when she first debuted! For this shoot, she looks like the ideal girl next door in casual clothes and soft wavy hair. Except for the above photo where she looks like the cutest princess in that tiara and pigtails. Are you hoping for a comeback from Nicole soon? Source: Allkpop
  18. Seungyeon has officially joined J,WIDE-Company! She was previously rumored to be joining Widmay Entertainment, but she's gone with a different company instead. J,WIDE-Company's side stated, "Seungyeon recently signed an exclusive contract with us. She had good promotions as a singer and actress for the past 9 years, and we thought highly of her charms and potential." They added, "Seungyeon has outstanding skills in a variety of things including singing, acting and variety. So that she can have a full range of activities, we will wholeheartedly support her with our systematic management system. Please look forward to Seungyeon's upcoming activities." J,WIDE-Company is home to actress Go Jun Hee, Lee Sang Yoon and more. Source: Allkpop
  19. Former KARA member Hara, who was recently revealed to have joined Key East, uploaded a picture of a handwritten note to her fans on Twitter. In said note, Hara gets a bit personal about her decision to move on from being a girl group member to an actress, and relays her gratitude to all those who supported since the very beginning. The note starts, "Kamilias, and to everyone, I deliver my greetings after a long time. Hello, this is Hara. Since a while back, so many tales have suddenly erupted so I think many people were concerned. It wasn't an easy decision for me to make but I intend to tread slowly at a new place with the mindset of beginning again." The note further read, "As one of the KARA members, I experienced many things that are not easily experienced at my age, felt many different types of emotions as I lived, and was overwhelmed with all the love from fans. I'm trying to walk a new path with the precious time of nine years I spent under KARA, respecting one another's opinions, stored in my heart. Because I'm alone now, I may show sides of me that are lacking or disappointing, but I will try not to settle for the current situation and show a me that is growing and working hard. Thank you." Source: Allkpop
  20. Nicole is ready to drop her new Japanese single, 'Don't Stop,' which is set for a February 17 release. Meanwhile, you can check out the recently dropped short PV in which she's open for business - for a laundromat... cafe... thing? But anyway, the colors are bright and cheery, perfect for the upcoming summertime as she dances away and gets friendly with an adorable dog while avoiding a cute customer. Check out the short PV below! Source: Allkpop
  21. Hara shed tears reading messages from her castmates on the January 23rd final episode of 'Fists of Shaolin Temple'. As it was their last day together on the show, the members decided to write each other messages. Hara showed promised as a strong martial artist despite being the youngest of the group, and the older members showed her love. Oh Jung Yeon in particular revealed herself to be a KARA fan, but Hara found it difficult to go on reading. In the end, they all teared up. Are you going to miss the show? Source: Allkpop
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    Seungyeon hwaiting, ily ♥
  23. It may be an understatement to say that KARA--and their fans--have been through some emotional turmoil in recent weeks, what with the recent news of the group's three members leaving DSP Media. All the hardships must have finally taken a toll on Youngji, now the only remaining member of KARA at DSP, who burst into tears during a recording session of MBC's 'CEOs Next Door.' During the episode, for which the theme was 'A Gift to Myself,' Youngji chose to go see her family and her pet dogs. Youngji visited got the chance to visit the cafe operated by her mother, and as soon as she saw her pups Leon and Fruit, she could hardly stop grinning for she was so happy. After the meeting with her family and her pets, Youngji confessed tearfully in her interview, "The only people I can rely on when I'm having a hard time, exhausted, or annoyed is my family." Aw, stay strong Youngji. Your fans will always be behind you, too! Source: Allkpop