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  1. My bias is Seungyeon but I think most photogenic is Hara! 😍 If I have to choose a second person, I would say Jiyoung 🥰 But tbh, all members are gorgeous 😆❤️
  2. KARA made history with their 2022 comeback. They slayed their cb stage during MAMA 2022, literally showed the new gen how it is done. And ofc, first gg to win in 3 different decades! #QUEENS Still emotional that they made this cb happen Thank you KARA ❤️
  3. I know a few international kamilias who are planning to go! Sadly I cannot this year
  4. DOWNLOAD Scanned by & all credits to @KARApics / Jappy
  5. Name: Jappy Country: Canada Message: Happy 16th Anniversary KARA! Time flew by soooo fast, thank you for doing this amazing reunion comeback for us. My only wish is for each member to be happy and healthy. 사랑해요 카라! ♡
  6. Just dropping by to say hi, been wanting to do this hehe :P

    1. pimmie


      you are so sweeeeet!!! haha :D

  7. Hi everyone! ♡ Karaholic is joining KR Kamilias <KARA Fan Union> to raise money for KARA’s 15th anniversary fan meeting in Seoul. For that we need donations from International Kamilias~ If you would like to join and support KARA Fan Union, please click link below ↓ DONATE HERE *Note that donation goal is not the actual goal. It is just set there to leave donation tracker open Please refer to tweets below for more details regarding the support fundraising: If you also have a message for our girls, feel free to post it below. Please follow the format and keep your message sweet & simple! [b]Name:(name that you would like to appear in the message book. It can be your username or your real name.)[/b] [b]Country:[/b] [b]Message:[/b] Or send a picture / screenshot of handwritten message for KARA (see sample ↓). Deadline for this project is April 5, 2023 (KST - TBA). Thank you for always supporting KARA & Karaholic ♡
  8. This is very hard cause I like all songs but I always come back to Oxygen 🥺
  9. KARA lookin gorgeous and elegant, as always!
  10. KARA will reportedly be making a guest appearance on IU's YouTube show 'IU's Palette'. According to an entertainment official, KARA recently visited the set of 'IU's Palette' on November 21 KST for filming. Gyuri, Seungyeon, Youngji, Jiyoung, and Nicole gathered to talk about music, behind-the-scene stories during the production of their album, and more with IU, ahead of the release of their new album 'Move Again'. Meanwhile, KARA will be making their comeback stage at the '2022 MAMA Awards' ceremony on November 29 KST. Source: AKP
  11. KARA’s Gyuri and Seungyeon are featured in the next moving poster teaser for their “MOVE AGAIN” comeback! Source: Soompi
  12. I enjoyed YOU.F.O so much 😍 ps. Love nicole's hair colour
  13. KARA has dropped Nicole’s moving poster for the group’s highly-anticipated return with “MOVE AGAIN”! Source: Soompi
  14. KARA has released a moving poster of Kang Ji Young and Heo Young Ji for their upcoming comeback track “WHEN I MOVE”! Notably, the two KARA members have never before promoted at the same time: Kang Ji Young and Nicole both left the group before Heo Young Ji joined as a new member in 2014, making this new comeback teaser all the more meaningful. Source: Soompi
  15. KARA have dropped the track list for 'Move Again'. The track list features "Happy Hour", title song "When I Move", "Shout it Out", and "Oxygen". KARA's 15th anniversary album 'Move Again' is set to drop on November 29 KST. Take a look at KARA's track list below, and stay tuned for updates on their comeback. Source: AKP
  16. Start the countdown to KARA’s long-awaited comeback! Last month, KARA confirmed their November comeback with the first teaser for their 15th anniversary album “MOVE AGAIN”! On November 15 at midnight KST, KARA unveiled a new schedule teaser for this upcoming comeback that takes fans through the upcoming weeks leading up to the release of “MOVE AGAIN”! The same day “MOVE AGAIN” is released, KARA will also hold their comeback stage at the MAMA Awards where they will perform their new song for the first time. Check out the full schedule below: Stay tuned for more teasers! Source: Soompi
  17. A video message from her will not be bad too. Always thought of her..
  18. Right now we are seeing a lot of ColeJi interactions, I'm excited to see JiyoungJi more! And I agree, I also want to see Mamma Mia & Cupid and all other songs performed by JiNi! I hope they do a tribute for Hara 🥺❤️
  19. The ladies of KARA have just been announced as the next performing artists for the '2022 MAMA Awards'! As many of you know, the members of KARA are currently gearing up for their 15th anniversary comeback with all five members, including Seungyeon, Gyuri, Youngji, Nicole, and Jiyoung. The group's anniversary album, 'Move Again', is set for release in Korea on November 29. It looks like the 2nd-generation girl group's comeback stage will take place right at the '2022 MAMA Awards', which is scheduled from November 29-30! KARA will be joining an impressive lineup of performing artists announced thus far, which includes Hyolyn, Zico, Lim Young Woong, (G)I-DLE, LE SSERAFIM, NMIXX, NewJeans, BIBI, Forestella, NiziU, INI, and the cast of 'Street Man Fighter'. Keep an eye out for even more performing artist announcements for the '2022 MAMA Awards', coming soon! Source: AKP
  20. Former KARA member Seungyeon expressed her gratitude toward fans for celebrating the 15th anniversary of her debut. On March 29, Seungyeon posted several photos of her on her Instagram with the caption, "Thank you. Love you so much." In the photos, Seungyeon is seen in front of a subway ad prepared by fans to celebrate the 15th anniversary of KARA's debut. In one photo, she garnered much attention as she bowed to her fans until her hair reached the floor. In particular, the electronic display provided by the fans also contains the photo of the late Goo Hara, which touched the hearts of the fans. Netizens who saw this post on Instagram showed enthusiastic reactions to Seungyeon, who expressed her heart sincerely. They commented, "Thank you for showing up," "We love you Seungyeon," and "KARA forever." Meanwhile, Seungyeon recently appeared on Channel A's entertainment program 'Black: I Saw the Devil', a crime documentary thriller that tracks the psychology of criminals. Source: AKP
  21. Yes they will also release a Korean album on Nov 29, but still no additional information just the release date 😥 i hope we get details soon tho!
  22. I so wanna watch this I heard it was really good! Thank you for the info!
  23. These are pictures from her recent fanmeet in Japan for her 15th debut anniversary. Our Seungyeon did not age, she still looks lovely, as always
  24. Thanks for this update! Planning to post all other KARA news as well 🥰 so excited for the comeback!