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  1. Nicole falling on stage during their M Station Super Live performance was so sad to see! But she stood right back up like a pro!!!
  2. I'm so happy she promoted KARA during 2017-2019 all alone and kept the name alive! She fits perfectly with the other! And i LIVE for Jiyoungji! What are they waiting for a sub-unit debut!!
  3. We're so blessed to see her and other KARA members so active on social medias!!!! Let's hope they continue forever!
  4. Jiyoung really shined during Damaged Lady's era! She matured so well!
  5. I was so so so happy and excited when I heard they were gonna have a comeback. The fact that Youngji was also part of it and that it was gonna be the first time we were seeing this lineup added to my excitement! Song-wise, I wasn't disappointed. I expected a bop and they delivered. The only thing I don't like is that it's only 3min!! It's too short lmao!
  6. It's hard to pick as well for me because all 4 songs are good!! They each have their own unique charm. If I had to choose one tho, I would pick Shout it Out because it has a very KARA-vibe and it lifts up my mood instantly!
  7. I see it! https://www.yesasia.com/us/search/kara/0-0-0-q.kara_bpt.48-en/list.html
  8. Do we have new updates regarding their JP album and the 5th and 6th track?
  9. Mamma Mi was THE song that made me became join the KAMILIA lmao! I was a casual KARA listener since 2010 with Jumping, but when I read about Nicole&Jiyoung leaving the group, I got interested and watched the KARA project. When Mamma Mia was released, I thought it was such a refreshing sound for them and I fell in love with the whole group
  10. I agree with you all! KARA can do any concepts but they rock mature/sexy concepts like Pandora/Mamma Mia more
  11. I know!!! So many songs are missing … especially their Japanese ones