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  1. I perfer the brown hair she looks much more mature and she is still adorable.
  2. Her hair has to be long then. She has that small face on her.
  3. Hara would make a good ulzzang. She is soo cute.
  4. I am hungry. I wonder what she is cooking up! She should be a chief
  5. The color brings out the beautiful look out of her. She is soo adorable and the color is good.
  6. She is scoring ....jk She is a gangsta. She is adorable. that guy is lucky to be taking a picture of her.
  7. I think that it is sad that Sunghee left. But she will outgrow it and stay stonger! Love them both.
  8. I think the other members are getting more attention than her. I think that Nicole gets to shine the most. But Gyuri is a good leader she had to work harder after Sunghee left. So I think she is a good leader.