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  1. Hi! you the photos of your post below are deactivated! Please kindly refresh them :D

  2. happy birthday :))

  3. happy belated birthday heather ~~~~

  4. hello. happy birthday ^^

  5. please to all the kamilla out there. please vote kara and hara click this link then click number 13 to vote for hara for hot goddess campus and kara #17 for hot halluya star. we can vote everyday. please continue voting until july6

  6. aww heather, it's almost 4 months since the last time u logged in >_<

    today is our 1st anniversary of becoming a modholic. good old time.haha. i hope u are okay girl.

  7. hey there. are u still active here ? :)

  8. heather.. happy new year :)

    and merry christmas too although it's late.. haha better late than never.. XD

  9. ^ Is Hara's hair dark again or is it just the lighting of this photo? Cause I miss dark-haired Hara! Ahh gosssh. I miss my daily doses of HaraGoo ):
  10. Heather~~ I just realised that you're leaving me alone moderating the comicbox ..TT_TT lol~~

    hehe...anyway, how are you now~?

  11. Heather! I hope everything goes well with med school & all! I'll miss you<3 At least stop by once in a while (:

  12. College you know? T___T Haha, I miss you too. And our random spazz attacks about Hara <3

  13. goodbye karaholic? T_T heatherr I miss you so freaking much omg where the heck have you gone D8

  14. so there u need to be 18 to be a legal?? u should change ur profile page..haha

    how long is the meds school heather??

    lmao..yeah..i need a daily dose of KARA everyday XD

    btw,we were told not to make any new posts while the board is offline heather..=__=

  15. I'm finally legal xD haha. thanks Yuda <3 Yeah, meds school is gonna be a pain. I'll still visit KH because really, I can't stay away from Kara. They're too precious to me!