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  1. Vote for style 2. But i also preffered Nicole with style 1 and 4. Gorgeous!
  2. 1. Personality. when nicole just being nicole she look pure and not fake. Even when she got less screen time in variety cause she didn't talk or do anything to attract attentions but i like her that way. Also the way she usually support her friends, i love this kind of friend. 2. She's a hardworker. I mean not everyone can be hardworking. Since I'm a lazy bum i really admire those who always work hard and stay positive despite all the hardship. 3.Stage presence. When she's on stage nicole just overflow with charisma! On top of that she's an all rounder. 4.I think she's smart 5. Her smile. So pretty!
  3. Dark dangerous and tinge of sexy owmygod! She's going to be awesome <3
  4. #njDuke says hi video source : nicole's instagram. ournikori Lucky dog!
  5. Nicole ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. so cute! I've been replaying this video again and again and again. I think it's cool that idol are participating in this challenge, they can have fun while doing good deeds. P/s: Sorry that I re-post this Source; ournikori & Nicole's instagram
  6. I'm glad every time there's update on 91-liner hang out together with Nicole. it shows they're not just friend on stage but in real life too. Awesome
  7. Tasha. Haha joking, Nicole doesn't really suit her style but yeah absolutely agree on BoA style though. It suit her. Those kind of dances and songs matches her well. Anyhow I really hope she's not being too sexy on her comeback cause these day being too sexy is pretty much typical. Beside Cole has a lot more to offer other than being sexy alone
  8. Nicole has been quiet for quite a while now. I take it as she might be busy preparing for her comeback SERIOUSLY can't wait for her to be back huhuhu
  9. Nicole in secret love was so so so cute! I love it The story line is also nice. I like the chemistry between Nicole and LKS except the part where they were kissing I just think it wasn't necessary to the story...nooooo
  10. What??? she cut her hair? Nooo Not that I totally hate it but after STEP I've been really into the long hair cole P/s: I really like how she's more confident with her bare face now, she's so pretty! I especially love her look in the pilates pictures above.
  11. I just noticed this thread Thanks, it's going to be one of my favorite thread The G.O.V dance battle HaNi rocks! so, this is my current fever XD she's just wow!
  12. That is so true! now I feel sad too every time I listened to 'Love is' with she's out of Kara I miss Cole n Jing
  13. ohmy ohmy ohmyyyy finally Nicori is back! yeah! Things must be harder for her since now she's alone If she had a hard and difficult time she will be on her own, no more members that will share the same burden next to her. That's the things I feel bad about regarding her comeback. But that aside...I'm more excited than regretful! Nicole made her choice so I believe she is brave enough & ready to face whatever things to come. Also we fans will always be there for her right? So let's see what's awaiting, there will be more Nicole hopefully mwahaha (pls not the other way around ) She's going to be aweesomee