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  1. tine, does your inbox full?? i have a request for you lol

  2. 130907 Love Concert pics by Nicole-A 13092 Open Concert Pics by Toto Love this pic ♥
  3. Cole looks so hot in MuBank's perf hahahha Love her walking in with her hands in her pocket and first part of the song credit as tagged naekkeojiyoung@tumblr
  4. Thanks for all the caps and gifs Cole looks awesome at the MV, love her parts and she just looks so good And the performance at the showcase is really really good, love it Pics from the Showcase
  5. I just saw Runaway perf from Quiz on Korea and I really like it She looks really good there and her hair looks really good with those extensions Love Cole's rap part
  6. Thanks goldfish for the gif, Cole looks so good at the teaser Love the hair, what she's wearing, so excited with this comeback But the bowl cut wig looks really weird XD credit: karaboard
  7. Very excited about Can't Be A Lady single, Cole looks handsome hahahahhaha Anyways I love Runaway and Cole's rap is really good too Her drama in the MV looks sad, but excited about it
  8. Their new comeback picture I love Cole's look with that tux hahhahaha Getting so excited, hopefully they do like the YT thing again.
  9. She's just so cute and adorable on that Instagram vid
  10. OMG!!!! VMAJ!!!! This is just amazing, to think I didn't think she'll perform this song live on a music show and she's doing it on MTV Can't wait to see her performance this Saturday
  11. Her dance video is so unexpected, quite a surprise She's so sexy dancing there too, her movements is just so fluid and so sharp
  12. Her short hair OMG hahahha I'm so happy, I really love short hair Nikori And I'm liking what she's wearing too simple but looks really good on her credit as tagged
  13. Thanks for sharing the photos mae I'm so excited with her new hair, I've always like her shorter hair hahaha I'm hoping she'll take more selcas to show her new hair, can't wait for their new activities