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  1. People like this made me want to bring long *** umbrellas when I was younger. So I can hit them with it 🙂…

  2. 😂

  3. RT @theastays: Lee Know really said “My strength is that I’m kind, and my weakness is that I’m only kind to cats” 😭😭😭…

  4. Looks like leader-nim etong kahawig ni Yunho

  5. Me today: Mars, question Pwede ko ba sakalin si ______? Char . . . Not char hahaha nakakairitaaa

  6. @rose_carlos Dito po sa Pasig. Matagal nang ganyan yang guard. Di ko lang pinapansin.

  7. @yojjiemochi Oo hahahaha iba na sya

  8. Also Little Mermaid beating up Pocahontas?? Come on ang shunga kaya ni Ariel 😭

  9. Da shade of Inquirer hahaha

  10. Potek bakit andon pa din si Kyler skdndkdkd

  11. 🫠🫠🫠 i guess he never understood what Tatsulok meant

  12. Huhu grabe Tita Jacindaaa 🥺

  13. Gagi ang ingay ng mga kabataan dito na nakatambay sa Kmart amp

  14. RT @docligot: Everyone in DND resigned. 🤷 All PNP are in heightened alert. 🤷‍♂️ Official government email is GMAIL. 👀…

  15. Jungkook in greatest singers of all time? But no Celine Dion? 🫠