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  1. LOL np. You should've gotten them earlier tho XD

  2. wooo thanks for the ~awards~ lol

  3. It is ;o; No more notifs :(

  4. haha it's harder to keep track of comments now..

  5. For old times' sake!

  6. Congratulationssss, admin Yong! :D

    1. Yongery


      Yeshhh thanks alot mel !

  7. Hey! sent you an invite for the fb group via email~ tell me if it doesn't work~ :)

  8. Hi, Sarah! I'm sorry it took a while. This is the letter for the anniv project. Thanks!

  9. So this means that one correct answer is also an entry right?
  10. I don't see anything wrong by it, but I guess Hammie is pressured by the rumors. Won't be surprised if she gets bombarded by Gundam questions ><
  11. Aigoo HaraGoo so cute <3 She's really such a sweet, sweet girl!
  12. Ah, it's good that Jiyoung is adjusting well~ I wish her a great college life ahead! I hope she'll be able to enjoy it