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  1. i definitely will add it to my list of dramas to watch! i loved the first season so i'm sure the second season is good in its own right too!
  2. one of my favorite solo debuts and choco chip cookies was one of my favorite kpop summer songs of 2015.
  3. happy is a really cute song and nicole was so pretty throughout the video.
  4. i loved nicole's hair during the lupin era + the styling suited her well.
  5. i like both songs but if i had to choose between the two... i'll go with lost.
  6. if star golden bell ever has a revival, i hope nicole will be part of the cast again. really loved watching all the clips with her in them.
  7. jiyoung is always so bright and cheerful throughout kara's music videos, she's adorable.
  8. i haven't watched age of youth season two yet, i didn't even know there was a season two until i found this thread. i should definitely watch it when i get the chance!
  9. her vocals and her tone stood out to me the most and i instantly loved her voice.
  10. all of her selfies on instagram are so pretty, i hope she continues to post actively on there.
  11. gyuri's concept photos are so beautiful, all of the members shined with this concept - gyuri truly is a beauty.
  12. this concept suited hara so well although every concept does! so stunning.
  13. i hope she plans to release more music and her red hair suited her so well!