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  1. I'm not quite sure if she likes Peter Pan but I do know that on SGB they've called her "Tinkerbell" hehe. I think we even thought about getting her Tinkerbell stuff from KaraHolic.
  2. How sweet of you I'm not good at coming up with ideas but I'll just list the stuff Nicole likes so if you have to have a last resort you can look at this hehe. But Nicole's birthday is in October, isn't it? You're a bit more than 2 months early but you can always just give Nicole a present regardless of whether it's her birthday or not--fans do that all the time. Just like an appreciative present? Nicole loves plushies (..right?) and piggies so if you end up running short on time you can always find something really cute w/ a pig cartoon on it. She's probably gotten tons of those, but I'm sure she'd appreciate anything she receives. She also loves to cook and her favorite color is green (though it used to be orange). If you're thinking about clothes, her style is very tomboyish with a tad bit of hip hop influence. Maybe a hat? I'm sure Nicole will love whatever you get her! Let us know what you ended up giving her!
  3. That's so cute haha! I love Kara501!! Kyujong seems kind of extra close to the girls doesn't he? Or maybe it's bcs he had that one photoshoot together w/ him heehee. Thanks for sharing~
  4. So cute!! Omg she looks a lot older in the group pictures but when she has her eye smile she's totally baby Jing again haha. Her eyesmile is soooo adorable . Thanks for sharing!
  5. How sweet!! Aww, he really put thought into what he was getting her What a nice camera, too, I'm sure the girls (esp SY since she loves electronics?) were jealous Thanks for sharing!
  6. Oh my goodness I was browsing the internet and (in this pic) doesn't Sunghee have a striking resemblance to Alicia Keys?! I'm not one to point out look alikes (I usually never see the resemblance), but I TOTALLY thought of Sunghee when I saw this pic! The pulled back hair, the passionate expression while singing..
  7. I've been behind on watching Nicole's segment on SGB but I just watched the two most recent eps and she's as clever as ever! The crowd really really loves her hints!! I love how she said she thought Gyuri was prettier than the other girl (from KBN). Not bcs I hate the other girl but bcs she loves Gyuri hahah I loved how Suju was talking about her! They said such nice things even if Eunhyuk got a bit..overwhelmed
  8. OMG MINI-CONCERT?! The girls are def. getting up there ! Wow I'd really like to hang out w/ the girls ;_______; luckyyy!!!! Can't wait to watch this THanks for sharing!
  9. Hahah how cute! Daesung likes girls w/ pretty pretty smiles. Our Jing def. has that!! What a cutie I'm glad he choose her, she must be soooooooooooo happy--like a dream come true! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Aww! I thought she looked absolutely radiant (literally!) w/ her crown and wand haha. It sucked that she couldn't fully say her acceptance speech hehe. But omg when she dropped her cake!! Ahh!! I wanted to scream w/ her, that was so sad! But as soon as she started holding her plate like that I KNEW she was gonna drop it D:!
  11. Heehee I'm glad she's going on this Er..though it's all meant to be a joke I don't like how that lady said Nicole knew less about Korea than her. I'm sure Nicole gets this a lot and it probably gets overwhelming at times :/ But I'm glad she's getting more exposure, thanks for sharing!
  12. Oh wow these are so great, thanks so much for sharing!
  13. She's so cute!! Wow she gets prettier and prettier every time Thanks for sharing!
  14. So cute!!! Aw Jinggg haha. She looks kinda bored in the gifs w/ the green beanie kekeke. Thanks for sharing!
  15. In the few months the girls came back, they've finally been noticed and are considered as srs competition!! I'm happy the girls can take a break I'm sure they're tired but truly thankful for all the support. Can't wait for their next minialbum!!