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  1. I'm still hoping to see them celebrate their 10th anniv with a BAAMM!
  2. But if i would describe or summarize the Kara brand esp their songs in one word, it woud be ENERGY. The one thing that i like most about Kara's discography is that it gives you energy or it pumps your mood up just by listening to it. So i hope they will produce more of that kind of songs.
  3. SuperGirls Aside from the fact that they're still strong despite of the setbacks they've been through; coincidentally, U.S. Tv series Supergirl's name is Kara ZorEl while Kara's best selling album is Super Girl. It's fate, Kara members are supergirls.
  4. Yeah.. these innocent mistakes that automatically puts you into Kara Protection Squad mode esp with Hara.. people just really love to hate her..
  5. I really didn't like JiYoung that much in Kara compared to other members, but those unreasonable people who still hates her from her radiostar issue years ago made me wanna cheer really hard for her. Hope she really gets big not only Japan but hopefully in Hollywood as well.. Actress JiYoung, Fighting!
  6. When i first got into kpop, i only stan 2ne1 among the girl groups. However, i had a change of heart and became a fan of Apink. My fickleness then made me jump ship to SNSD. But everything changed when I watched Roommate in 2014 during the ep where Hara visited Youngji. Aside from the fact that 0G always promote MammaMia on the show (which made me addicted to the song), i thought it was nice of her to already have a good relationship with Hara despite being a new Kara member. That made me search about Hara and got addicted to Invincible Youth. Listening to Kara's discography, i was caught up with Seungyeon's solo- Guilty. Then, as i watch their other shows esp variety shows, i was smitten by the goddess Gyuri. And just because I couldn't pick a bias member because they have their own individual charms, that's when I realize I would settle being a Kamilia.
  7. still having hopes of them performing together in one stage again.. KARA7 please.. even just for their 10th anniv..
  8. hope they'd really do an Asian tour esp in SouthEastAsia..