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  1. With all their promotions on Weekly Idol and Music Shows, maybe either their agents or SBS could get in touch to do some marketing and get KARA on RM!
  2. 0Gligator sounds awesome! So our logo will be a cute alligator then?
  3. That ginormous bow is absolutely the cutest thing on 0G!
  4. Hara & Youngji will be chasers because they're fast and strong Hammie and Gyuri will be figuring out clues =P Kara is a self contained RM team!
  5. Seeing the way 0G is on Roommate, I can definitely agree with you. She is a natural for variety shows. She would definitely fit in with the Runningman cast
  6. Our 0G is probably being a busy rising new star she'll get around to updating it, don't worry
  7. Mind is blown by new forum colours~

  8. My first KARA merchandise Nothing special though
  9. KARA comeback is gonna be awesome

  10. KARA has never failed to entertain me. I have faith that this comeback will blow my mind away
  11. Sums up exactly what I feel after watching ^^
  12. Hello new friend! :D

    1. Saznizam


      Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Been busy with work and all~ How are you finding the forum? ^^