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  1. KARA member Park Gyuri is confirmed to be dating the eldest grandson of the Dongwon Construction Industry family. Exclusive reporting by The Fact stated that Park Gyuri is currently in a relationship with Song Ja Ho, who is an art curator and the eldest grandson of the Dongwon Construction Industry family. He is seven years younger than her and they initially met as he was the curator for Jon Burgerman’s art exhibit in Korea. A source from her agency The CNT Global confirmed that the two are indeed dating as they explained, “Park Gyuri has always been interested in art, even visiting art galleries in her spare time, and she got to know Song Ja Ho through the Jon Burgerman exhibition. As they share a common interest, they developed feelings for each other and recently started dating.” They added, “The biggest reason they were drawn to each other is their shared interest in art. They’re happily dating right now. As they’ve only just begun their relationship, they’re not yet at the stage of discussing marriage. Please watch over their relationship.” M Contemporary Art Center, where Song Ja Ho works, was asked about the relationship and they stated, “We cannot discuss the personal lives of our curators.” This is the first time that Park Gyuri has been in a public relationship in 13 years since making her debut as a member of girl group KARA in 2007. Since the members of KARA parted ways in 2016, she has been focusing on her acting career, and she recently signed on with her new agency The CNT Global.