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Hi everyone! ♡

Karaholic is joining KR Kamilias <KARA Fan Union> to raise money for KARA’s 15th anniversary fan meeting in Seoul.





For that we need donations from International Kamilias~

If you would like to join and support KARA Fan Union, please click link below ↓




*Note that donation goal is not the actual goal. It is just set there to leave donation tracker open



Please refer to tweets below for more details regarding the support fundraising:







If you also have a message for our girls, feel free to post it below. Please follow the format and keep your message sweet & simple!

[b]Name:(name that you would like to appear in the message book. It can be your username or your real name.)[/b]

Or send a picture / screenshot of handwritten message for KARA (see sample ↓).


Deadline for this project is April 5, 2023 (KST - TBA).


Thank you for always supporting KARA & Karaholic ♡


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Name: k0uki

Country: USA

Message: Happy 15th Anniversary KARA!!!! It may have took a while, but it was all worth it. Truly appreciate your hardwork for kamilias. It was amazing to see everyone together again on stage, it made me believe that dreams do come true. I wish everyone nothing but the best for everyone going onwards, and will always have my support for anything you work towards. KARA Forever!!!!

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Name: Jappy
Country: Canada
Message: Happy 16th Anniversary KARA! Time flew by soooo fast, thank you for doing this amazing reunion comeback for us. My only wish is for each member to be happy and healthy. 사랑해요 카라! ♡

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