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      Tagging Conventions When tagging your new thread, please use these guidelines to help people find things easier! ---------------------------------------------- 1. Include the date if there is one, yymmdd (ex. 140529) 2. If there is a specific member, please indicate (gyuri, seungyeon, hara, nicole, jiyoung, youngji, sunghee, NOT park gyuri or gyuri park) 3. If there is a special event/certain album/song the thread is about, please indicate (karasia, damaged lady, gayo daejun, honey, etc.) 4. If there is a show it is included in, please indicate (The Show, Secret Love, Invincible Youth, etc.) 5. Do NOT use general tags like 'kara', 'news', 'video', 'member', 'kpop', etc ---------------------------------------------- By doing this, you will help kh's browsing experience easier for kamilias! thank you! -kh staff
    • r0naLd222

      Looking for GFX Peepz!   10/18/2016

      Karaholic needs GFX (Graphic Artists). If you are interested, please message me or @flamestalker , @Yongery or @Lupang



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