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  1. This is an interpreted translation done directly by myself. This is an old post which came out after Honey winning the first places. It was written by a Girls Generation fan, not a KARA fan, in a 1st person view; when the post says "I" or "Myself" It is referring to the author of the post himself not myself who's translating this post(izAkly). The original post is 한듣보의 개고생 When I listen to "Pretty Girl" by KARA, I feel like Seungyeon is talking about herself that it makes my eyes teary. Livelihood-type-idol, Han-Never-Heard or seen, etc. An adorable girl who has nicknames that are almost equivalent to the measure of an insult. It's no one but Seungyeon Han herself. She's also known as the Potent-Hamster. You can see that she was a studious person who was qualified to attend to Tenafly High School as a transfer student from Korea. But, because she wanted to become a singer, she drops out of High School and takes the exit exam. Afterwords, she takes the college entrance exam and enters Kyunghee University's Theater and Film Dept. Before her decision to become a star she was originally studying to become a doctor. It's all a past story... but... The Birth of the Livelihood-Type-Idol. After all that trouble, of all the places out there, she enters DSP. Although the company was and is famous for producing Sechskiss, Fin.K.L, and SS501, as a production company they have lost their leadership. If you would say Mnet's production is something to look forward for, DSP, in comparison, is just a so-so company. KARA releases their 1st album! DSP claims them the successors of Fin.K.L or the "new" Fin.K.L(what?) ... and they failed. They released 3 songs, but I don't remember a single one of them. Their sales rate is so low that the company decides to publicize them through a TV show called Show-vival. But it is surely hard to see them in the show... They get abandoned in the middle of Kyungchun Highway, their seat-belt comes off and they trip over them and what not... They go into a break with the excuse of members' college entrance exam(Including Seungyeon's high school exit exam) but it's not that hard to know that the real reason is because they weren't successful. From HERE, Seungyeon's Human Theater starts. Her bloody fight for the team's survival. With the entrance exam coming near, October of 2007, Seungyeon starts to appear on cable-TV. And it's not even that big of a deal; she starts appearing on MSL Break. (At that time I didn't even know that she was a singer) An idol star to be in a cable-TV Game program hostess position. Wonder Girls appeared on Keroro-fighter before, but this was a completely different case. There were many stories about this, but to sum it up, it's quite tragic. If you can see an edited version of Seungyeon's appearances in MSL break, you can tell she starts losing weight… maybe she couldn't even eat as much as she should. Well, in the other hand her pronunciation on "break" was getting better...? One after another, while she's fighting so hard to keep the members alive, KARA's main vocal/best visual appearance Sunghee Kim has been dropped from the team. Seungyeon's suffering doesn't end just there, but it only gets deeper. Finally, after recruiting a couple of new members they were able to come back with a minialbum called "Rock U" but… Someone's remade version Hak-kyo-bbak-sseh(School's too hard) was far more well known than the original song it self. But at least "Rock U" became a bit more known to the public through it. Finally she enters as a hostess on a music-related program called SoSoGaBaek, but due to some weird pictures taken by her host/partner she got curled up in some controversy. Well, should we say a "glorious victory", she receives an honor to enter I Need A Family season 2. How are the other members' living? Well, do we really need an explanation? It's understandable that all companies aren't doing well, but it's far more critical on DSP's side; so-called "Idol-dorm" there's not a single television. Caption: "At our house, we have no cable TV" This picture is after Hara was recruited, but how could there be a TV that small? (It's almost the same size as the TV I bought back in '98). On top of that, they didn't even have cable so Seungyeon wasn't able to monitor herself(in MSL Break). Are they even fed well? Seungyeon has no time to worry about her images during the TV-show. Even during SSGB whenever there's food her hands just didn't know how to stop. There's a story about how she wasn't able to attend to an End-of-the-year-music program so she just sat in her house and ate instant noodles… the brighter side of that story is that she was able to eat TWO packages instead of one. Caption: After purchasing the apple The man leaves the spot to get Suengyeon's change Seungyeon secretly puts an apple into the plastic bag. Ms. Seungyeon! The apple rolled into the bag(by itself). Maybe that's why she looks so natural secretly taking another apple from a store. Things like these shouldn't be so natural, and especially when it's on a public television. The humiliations of Han-Never-Heard or Seen Caption: Maybe I can give Donghyun an autograph? He's more famous! Caption: Sir, do you know this girl? Do you know Wonder Girls? Of course I know Wonder Girls Ask your children if they know KARA Is she talking about Sohee? Well, those are some examples. Yes, it's understandable that old folks don't know… by the way, why did the producer of the show have to make them ask anyways? Maybe it was to publicize them a bit… anyways, public television sure is a rough road. Caption: Maknae Hanseungyeon(KARA)'s song Occasionally they get her name wrong. At this time, she was 2nd eldest member in the group and they title her as the maknae(youngest) of the group. They often refer to this as "noise-marketing". Well, through "The Humiliations of Seungyeon Han" she did become a bit more famous. But this is no marketing, and what about the bruised-up heart of a girl who just tuned 21? So called idol star even does this type of things… the Pottent-Ham(ster) From the early moment she had to face economic challenges and be responsible for the team's survival. And even through all these humiliating situations she never lost her smile. To this little girl, there is a nickname; she's known as a "Hamster". She was nick-named due to her cuteness just like a little hamster. But rather this nickname was twisted and turned into the "Potent-Hamster" There few are other nicknames such as Priestess-Ham, The Hamness(Like highness). But this Pottent-Ham really doesn't match well with such an innocent face. When you watch her on TV, there are many things that will make you think "Does she have to do even THAT?" To shout out loud "I'm a celebrity!" in a sauna… why did they make her do that? But she does it when and if she's told to. It's not one of those "I'll do it even if it's dangerous", but she's standing strong and firm even if it seems embarrassing. Maybe it's due to the hardships they went through, all of the members start to work really hard. Did she learn from Seungyeon or what? On a program called "My fist is crying" Hara says she's on such program for the first time and yet she's does her best. Hara also received a new nickname due to this episode. But the power of the Pottent-Ham is right here. The file name of this picture was "My boss told me to smile.jpg" Now it's rather more cruel than it is tragic. Anyone who has been to the military duty will know that doing the whole-body-twist 8 times is quite horrific. But she's doing it with a SMILE on her face. She's a living example of how challenging it is to become an idol star. The power of fans even moves the broadcasting companies. Maybe it's due to Suengyeon being so active all over the place, even the fans have a bit of individuality compared to other fan clubs. Without KARA members being aware of it they have discussed with the production company and the broadcasting station to start their "Rubber gloves cheer" This was found so hilarious that the media went all over it. KBS even invited 300 people just to broadcast this "Rubber gloves cheer". I give props to the members of Kamilia. (Seungyeon also said that it was so hard to keep herself from laughing during the performance. Kamilia people are really something) But the road of an idol star is still far. With the support of from the fans they release the second minialbum and started getting more popular. Their final checkpoint "Winning the first place on a music program" is left. They start getting pushed and pushed back again by Jiyoung Baek's "Like Being Shot by a Bullet" then they get friendly killed by SS501 from their own company. In fact, production companies usually don't do this foolish of a work to have two groups from one company compete for the first place. Followed by SNSD winning the first place for 9 weeks. And on top of that Hara's pension controversy and Fanmeeting textmessage controversy… Translator's Note: Hara's Pension controversy: Hara was claimed that stayed in a pension together with another guy. This was a made up story which was caused by a picture Hara took with another guy during a MT trip. Fanmeeting txtmessage controversy: During a fan meeting there was a screen on the wall showing text messages KARA got in live-time. This message was shown on the screen for everyone to see "Now, Hara next time we do it should I have a cond*m on" What else can be more tragic than this. Poor things. KARA wins the first place(like a flower blooms after a harsh winter...) Through all the difficulties, they are back active with "Honey(special ver.)" a repackage album of the 2nd minialbum. And finally they win the first place. There were lots of words about how Mnet wasn't fair… and also it is considerable that I am a SNSD fan. But like I've written so far, I have no complaints about poor Seungyeon receiving this trophy. To be honest I wish I could've given her a fighting-spirit-prize or something. These aren't tears dropped in respect of winning the first place. You can tell how much she suffered just by looking at these pictures, she is sobbing THAT much. To go on an outing is what they are most looking forward to after winning the first place. You can tell that they weren't even fed well. I wish DSP would feed them a lot during times like this . And finally the first place on a national public tv program. She can't even cry anymore due all the critical hits she received from captures. They start the encore stage while she's still blanked out, then the mic turns off all the sudden and her tears starts dripping again. I think I can understand that feeling. "After Wonder Girls retreats, until SNSD comes back, we need to hit the ground running" Seungyeon spoke during the interview when the 2nd minialbum "Pretty Girl" came out. Caption: *Shock* "where is the Wonder Girls office?" "There's no one else who's more tragic than us here. We got three albums out and no one recognizes us" "We saw some guys approaching so we thought they were our fans. Then they asked us where the Wonder Girls office is" Although they just laughed it off you can tell that they can't hide the humilities they've been through. Maybe the reason for having the least amount of Anti-fans is because they've stood their ground strong during their hardships. KARA tends to have lots of young-adult fans. But most of these young adult fans are Seungyeon's fans. If they simply like girls that are slim and fit they would like SNSD… When I listen to the lyrics of "Pretty Girl" I've always felt like I was listening to Seungyeon's wishes. It doesn't happen simply nor easily, but anyone can do it. There's no need to hesitate I will never say "I can't do it"… I will always confidently walk out with a smile. It's almost as if she wrote it down on her journal, that it makes me teary. Now Seungyeon is many people's pretty girl herself. "Now everything is perfect" I wish her great future. Translated by Isaac Lee(www.youtube.com/izAkly) It took me some time to translate this, but I figured everyone should read this if he or she is a Seungyeon's fan... or even a KARA fan. I didn't check for any duplication of this post because I highly doubt anyone translated this, but if anyone did post this before my apologies for posting it again. I'd say the most difficult part was re-uploading all those pictures, because Daum.net wouldn't allow me to link the pictures, haha. ^^;
  2. my goodness I remember this T^ T
  3. Kinda miss the whole Honey perf.
  4. Adorable, yet mature, hard working
  5. So adorable lolz.
  6. spray painted face :c
  7. ah, thanks for editing :] just wanted to put SOMETHING up here haha. I'm the one who covered honey in acoustic version on youtube.
  8. I understand this topic was mentioned before. However, I am just forwarding a content from another network. This item was posted on "광장(The Square)" public forum of Korean social networking service Cyworld.com. 구하라가 단발머리를 한다면 아무로 나미에? (trans: If Goo Hara gets a short hair cut she becomes Namie?) For Pictures Click Here