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  1. After Step, I must say it is Gyuri. All of them are charismatic every now and then but since it was the most and I just find this thread now, It is Gyuri ^^.
  2. See Hara at first on Invicible Youth and Nicole on SGB. But I've definitely fell for KARA after see Seungyeon. She is my favorite up until now. But slowly but sure, I like KARA as a whole ^^.
  3. I'm Seungyeon biased, but I must say that this time, Gyuri wins. They all comes great, but Gyuri is the best for this.
  4. Prefer group activity. But individual is also fun to watch. In indiividual, the member can have some time to be more exposed. Invicible Youth is something that really make me know Hara gag ability. But KARA is KARA which is in their best when they are comes together.
  5. If just one, it will be Lupin. I listen to the song a few times a day. Never less than 5. The music is just hallo ^^. Agreed with most of the other, this is hard.
  6. I can't find this kind of topic so I made it. If there is already topic like this just delete this topic ^^. My first topic made ^^. So here it goes At first, I want to say that I don't want to offend anyone with this question of mine ^^. When Kara is still 4 member group, they didn't get good popularity. Seungyeon even say that they didn't make an explosion at that time. But since they comeback as a 5 member group, everything change. From your point of view, why does that happen? Personally I think because their cute concept when they become 5 member group. But to think about it again, they also become successful with Lupin which is nothing about cute. So, what do you guys think?
  7. First of all, Do you healthy right now? ^^ (Their health is always comes first) Now:: 1. Do you still close with sunghee? 2. Which idol group that you think as your toughest rival? 3. Gyuri, how are you feel everytime you do the goddess concept? ^^ 4. Seungyeon and Jiyoung. Personally, what do you think about your aegyo? 5. etc (It is so much I want to ask to KARA)
  8. No for Hara, maybe for maknae. I think Hara face is not fit with short hair. She will still come pretty since she already have pretty face but it will decreased by much. As for Jiyoung, she could possibly come out great with short. But it is just maybe ^^.
  9. Seungyeon is really cute ^^. As for the guy, I can't really say anything about him haha. Hip hop pout ham ^^.
  10. Owa, Baby Ham ^^. Cute since she was a baby. She is cuter now though. Anyway thanks for sharing Ham baby picture. She is so adorable.
  11. Vote for short. Like both though, but Lupin is get into me really hard. But her long hair is back in Step and I like it also ^^.
  12. Profile

    The only dongsaeng in KARA for me ^^. When it comes to the cheer up atmosphere, no one could beat the maknae. The Sulli fact is great since I also like f(x). And it seems like she also have an interest in instrument. Thanks, learn a lot from this ^^.
  13. Agreed with almost everyone, Hara is the funniest. Gyuri is also funny with her yeosin personality but for me Hara is better. The other will be more cute than funny exp: Nicole in Star Golden Bell.
  14. New fan. I just into KARA at the end of august this year. Yeah, not even a month. But I already watch when they are Seunghee is still there. Still, it doesn't change the fact that I am a new kid on this ^^.
  15. Vote for Jiyoung. Somehow, I felt maknae is the one that hold her anger the most. I like to know how Jiyoung if she is getting mad. Didn't want her to get mad either. I wish she is happy all the time not just looked from the outside but the inside as well ^^.