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  1. When I first discovered KARA: 16 Now: 28 😂
  2. Hara in the Step music video. I thought she was so pretty in that and the live performances. Really they all were during that era, and all the stage outfits were next level.
  3. I love their debut album so much, but I always feel guilty when I hear how hard of a year that was for them trying to gain traction and just keeping their name alive in the media.
  4. Idk how the members would feel about it, but it would be cool if they did a rendition of some song off of their debut album 😂 I know the chance of that is zero though lol
  5. I loved Date (My Boy) but yeah... making anything other than Step the title track would've been criminal lol. Personally I always liked Tasty Love more than Lupin, and Miss U & Idiot more than Pandora, but from a promotional POV I get why the title tracks are what they are. Just wish they woulda performed those songs at least once 😭
  6. I was so freakin thrilled when they announced they'd come back together, because honestly I never thought it would happen. Watching them walk out on the red carpet at MAMA felt so surreal. It brought me back to the very first time I saw them and just thought, "Damn, they look so gorgeous" 😅. To be honest, I didn't really follow their activities much after their initial disbandment. So it was really fun getting to catch up and what they'd been doing with their lives, and getting to know Youngji who just fits with them so well!
  7. I can't even imagine what the view count would be if this song had come out in more recent years. Straight up the best dance track ever imo. If Mister wasn't uploaded twice on DSP & Kara Official maybe it'd be at 100m now too 🙃
  8. If I recall right it was a segment from 2009Idol Big Show, which is kinda hard to find in good quality. They did a trot performance and did an interview with GD during that show too lol
  9. I really wish I'd known about Karaholic back in the day. It would've made being a Kara fan so much easier and more fun 😂😭 Seems like this site was (and still is) really a blessing for Western Kamilia
  10. I will definitely try... although it will be hella expensive getting there from the U.S. 😂 Really hope they add a Korean date, just because tbh I'm way more privy to that culture and it would be a lot less nerve-racking as a tourist...
  11. Every song is so so good. Happy Hour I think is the song I haven't gotten tired at all from listening to. Oxygen doesn't either but I listen to it less often cause it feels kinda heavy and meaningful lol.
  12. I think they all are honestly 😅 But Hara always seemed to me to have the most natural experience posing and modeling!
  13. I wished they had performed it more I really like some of the choreo parts but the Karasia performances don't really show the whole group during them lol
  14. I also never knew they had a separate MV for Japan...