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  1. I like her vocal so i prefer her to sing but rap is okok with me!
  2. Wow!! look at those bicep..I am amzed that a petite and cute girl like her could get a muscular bicep. Thanks for sharing with us
  3. Hahaha, she look so cute when she was just a little kid! Thanks for sharing those pictures!
  4. I like style 3. Make her look cute and feminine. but i like her recent hairstyle(lupin ver)
  5. Wow!! she look very sexy!! Thanks for sharing with us!!
  6. Haha, no difference between her in the past and present. She is cute! @xfacistx totally agree with you that her smile is beautiful!
  7. Totally agree that she is very friendly! Probably that is one of the reason i like her! =)
  8. Impressive!! She jump quite should say that Nicole is a kangaroo instead of a frog. XD
  9. LOL I like the way she clap her hands. it is really cute!
  10. Ahahaha, totally like her as MC in SGB, she is like a little cute girl playing around, too bad now she never MC SGB already
  11. Great!! Thanks for sharing with us!
  12. Totally like her in this episode of FO. I was also surprised that she like to eat meat as she have such a good figure. Her dorky and cuteness simply attracted me.