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  1. Happy Birthday !!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! :))

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    Have a nice day~~

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Make it a great one and please stay healthy <3

  5. Happy Birthday dongsaneng! Best of Wishes! Stay strong, healthy, & positive! ^^

  6. omg i love her apple hair so much it makes her look cuter and prettier i'll say yes the cutest apple her thanks for posting
  7. she really looks so cute in this music video thanks so much for making these gifs and caps
  8. hehe yep they totally look a like and both are pretty and gorgeous but hara still prettier for me they look like twins<3 thank you so much for posting here
  9. is she really her mom? that's cool gyuri looks so beautiful in these pictures i love her smile so much thanks so much for sharing.
  10. nicole looks amazing really i love her dancing skills really thank you so much mae for sharing
  11. hara looks so gorgeous really i always love her look and wavy hair she remind me of someone but i dont know who XD thanks a lot for sharing
  12. i watch the perfomance and i like it so much the girls are powerful and they look amazing<3
  13. i got seungyeon but i dont know why i just want jiyoung or nicole T_T but its okay
  14. both look so cute really but the outfits are similar to each other thanks so much for sharing =]