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  1. I don't know exactly where to write this and at first I thought about not sharing it since it's nothing THAT important but I suppose that it's also a way to show how good KARA is doing in Japan. And yeah, everyone and their moms know by now how popular they're in Japan and how many idols/singers loves them but I don't think there has been talk about Japanese rock bands (be it rock bands, visual kei or another kind of variation from rock) being fan of them. There was once, just when KARA debuted in Japan than a member of a visual band which I don't even know talked about them and you could see his fans asking about KARA though I can't show any proof. The other day, the band Duel Jewel had a twitter event with Cure (Japanese magazine about visual bands) where people ask them questions and in two questions one of the boys, Yuya, showed how much of a fanboy he was. One question was about your favorite animal and since boys of this kind of bands tend to change topics and just tell whatever they feel like saying, Yuya answered saying just KARA (original tweet) and then, choosing which celebrity they would like to be for one day he went again with KARA (original tweet). Not with that, today there was a tweet from Yukke (of MUCC which is a really famous band) saying that he was studying Kpop (original tweet). This may not mean nothing but the only two persons he is following from the Kpop fandom is Hara and Nicole so he may have wanted to learn about Kpop after listening/watching KARA xD Again it's nothing too important and people from jrock tends to love idols but thanks to them their fans who usually aren't into pop or just lives from rock are knowing about the girls. BTW I see so much KARA in the weekly chart! :DDDDDDD
  2. Thanks for uploading and sharing it mae!! Can't wait to listen the cut :DD
  3. I may say it too, she looks awesome in the ASK photoshoot! And her hair~~~ ♥ And she was so cute and adorable eating~~ (And it was about time for the boy to know that Nicole is the best xDDDDD) Need photos now since it looks way better than their last photoshoot! And hopeful the stylist will let Nicole's hair in peace for a while!
  4. Miura Haruma dancing Mister at the Super Handsome Live 2010 event. Someone in YT has mentioned that Sakurada Dori was one of the other boys and I think one of them looks like Uehara Takuya. In any case, all the five boys are actors. EDIT: The boys were Miura Haruma, Sakurada Dori, Hirama Soichi, Mizuta Kouki and Uehara Takura.
  5. nice 2 meet u..


  6. Nicole was awesome in all the gayos!! And it was soo great watching her dance all the other songs from the girls group (though I think she did some steps faster in the AS part)! Got the same problem as kara4life, in the Lupin Remix at first I though she was Seungyeon because I wasn't expecting her to appear with her hair loose! And it was so awesome the intro!! I don't even remember how many times I have watched it though it's a shame that they had those ugly clothes. And well, we should be happy that KARA (and NICOLE) has been able to show in all those festivals their stronger/mature side
  7. The tweet to Dongwoon was a reply of one of his tweets where I think he talks about a performance or something like that being succesful. btw she has been tweeting a lot to @zerotic0124 again.
  8. It was similar to last episode although now they had time to relax and joke a little. Beige used the excuse of coming to the restaurant to show all the world how much she loves Nicole. And Shorry used the excuse of coming to enjoy having to girls fighting for him and for Nicole to rescue him as she did xDDD (And to show that not only Nicole is close to Sangchu, he's also her friend!) Somehow and although I loved this episodes about the restaurant not only because she had a lot of screentime, people who are not fan of her were able to see how hardworking she is there was a thing that I didn't liked at all and it was SBS and their way to use the previews to get more ratings. Before the first episode there was the preview of Yoon Eun Hye, who didn't appeared until today but they put her in every preview of the restaurant, last week they put in the preview a scene where it looked some male idols going to the restaurant so it will catch the attention for today's episode. But did you see any male idol? Did you see even three males wearing the white trousers and white boots? WTFH. Yeah, I was expecting to see their faces and see if Nicole knew them too! Anyways, next week is a school theme and I'm wondering if we should worry about Nicole. Last time there was something about school she almost disappeared completely U_U And there's Eunhyuk as a guest.
  9. There was an Heroes moment in Inkigayo! At 01:24~ you can see Nicole and Jiyeon running to hug IU and while it would be normal with Jiyeon because IU and her has been really close in Heroes I think this is one of the biggest interaction IU and Nicole has had. BTW it was so ing cute! *O*
  10. Thanks for the pics @neris! And seriously, I can only see the girl laughing awkwardly once she meets the "victim" xDDD And the guy looks nice so we can expect her getting shy too. Although I'm sure URAKARA may end helping her a lot.
  11. Loved this episode too, and maybe Nicole's team hasn't had that much airtime as the other but I think that Nicole has appeared a lot. I suppose they want to focus in the other team because they're the ones having more problems doing the food but I don't think it's being unfair. We have also found that she's fan of Yoo Seung Ho, being so shy and excited at the same time even though IU was just talking to him by phone. So, no, she doesn't need a Taeyang as all the other members, she just need the not-so-manly-and-more-cute Seung Ho xDDDDDDDDD Hopefully she'll gave a bit of time to interact with him since she has suffered a lot while in the kitchen getting her fingers burned and being unable to stop even though it was hurting U_U And LOL ZE:A. Those boys came because of Seo In Young, right? They are or were from the same company. Anyways, the boys ended helping a little bit in the end xDDD I'm quite interested in the preview for the next episode, there appears two pair of white shoes with white trousers which looks from a male idol group but I wonder which one and who was the one to invite them. And it was SangChu in the preview too, right? Shorry didn't appeared with him. Wonder if someone invited SangChu and another one Shorry. Do you think it was Nicole who invited them? It could be Narsha too. Gifs
  12. Jinwoon gave her the trophy when they were promoting Lupin once in Mnet Countdown too but I suppose it's not the same since they're best friends while the new MC guy not xDD Although... I'm quite sure they're gonna be friends in the end xDDD BTW Did someone pushed Nicole accidentally when the MCs from Inkigayo were talking with them after winning? There is some part where she takes some steps behind and look rather... confused maybe? Dunno.
  13. I suppose that it must be because Jumping has been first released in Japan. I wonder what would have happened if they promoted another song in Korea. Anyways, congratulation for winning~~!! They really deserved to win something with all work they have done! Plus it was so cute to see them with the MCs (they had to tell them to stop because they were leaving xDD) to do the five poses together *O*