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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU <3 Thanks for being a lovely kamilia <3

  2. Oh well... All good things must come to an end. I'm curious though... What will happen to the things they've made/built. All the crops, animals.. Not only is this not fair to the cast members but also to the villagers that helped the girls so much and just to have the show cut due to low rating... I guess KBS care more about ratings than people's feelings~ =(
  3. Happy Birthday!!! Have a Nice Day...


  4. Happy birthday to KH ^^ May we grow and have more members in the future ^^ Thanks to all the staff that have providing us with translations, subbed videos and HQ videos that brought us closer to our girls... ^^ Thanks KH
  5. They've really come so far... I'm so proud of them... But god DSP~!! Next to a construction site? Sidewalks? Parking lots?!! What a way to promote your idol groups!! Bad management... Its a good thing our girls are getting more fame... Fighting~
  6. Nicole is close to like .... everybody~ *anyone still can't seocole out their head?* Well, we can actually see that as an obvious cuz she really is a friendly person... ^^
  7. About time that wanna wins some awards.. they have been working so hard... they deserve to win ^^ Congrats to our girl KARA ^^
  8. First, woots for having to listen to our sungja's voice again~ But T.T for her not promoting it... She should really have a comeback real soon... T.T
  9. The new layout is so cool~ Very different from the Honey layout which was very pretty ^^ Really is a Revolution like our girls~ I'm very excited about the Gallery feature... ^^
  10. Thank you for the bday wish~ ^^

  11. Koala! She's freakin awesome! Make me some sashimi too~ =( Accident double post... any mod please remove this... =)
  12. Weee~~ Thanks for sharing... In that second last photo is a very rare photo with hara smiling so brightly... ~ she usualy just smirks...