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    sports... movies...music...and maybe the most important 1 !!<br />SLEEP !!! i love to sleep xD<br />lol no.. most important to me is my hair xD hahhaha

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  1. Hello! I was just curious but, is your signature Jiyoung?? I don't know why I've never noticed it before lol. It looks like her but I'm going to guess that it's not?? Who is that?

  2. happy birthday!!

  3. Haha, I love Gocchin too. <3

    She's such an awesome singer. Not to mention she's very sexy. XD

    And Eri's such a dork. You gotta love her. XD

  4. it would be awesome.. i wonder if she gets all the attention or something.. maybe get bashed by new fans caus she left when kara was not popular.. and rejoind after kara got popular... to me it would be amazing.. just to hear her sing again.. but... i know/we all know.. she said she wont return to kara again..
  5. lol np.

    lol yea junjun is funny xD

    lol i guess my fav u already know xD gocchin lol.. though i like kamei a lot too xD shes funny..

  6. Sorry for the late reply.

    I like JunJun the most. ^_^

  7. lol theyre great huh :P

    who do u like most ?

  8. LOL, I love Momusu & H!P too. <3

  9. i like this g7 though.. i hope hyomin sunhwa and hara wont change. (esp hyomin and sunhwa.. since theyve got so little screen time..) anyways.. i wonder who will join
  10. im curious how their new dorm look like.. ill miss their old one.. i mean >_< .. u know.. what i mean lol... it always reminded me @ the time with sunghee... tough i glad they moved to a bigger dorm ^^.. wonder who will share the room... jing and.. hara ?? or maybe jing and nicole.. jing and hara most likely.. not ??
  11. >_< she fell pretty hard.... glad she just went on ^^ being all pro and all ^^ Fighting !!!
  12. shes still looks as great as always her dimples are <3 like always xD im happy to see her again Fighting !! with whatever shes doing now ^^
  13. i knew it would happen ^^ congratz... for being no1.. not for kicking snsd down..... or kicking anybody down.. just congrats caus theyre no1 ^^ all groups are great
  14. lol good she didnt take it as offending xD hara is so random ^^... but lol it wasnt even fat what u saw xD