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  1. i miss short hair cole. I hope for her solo debut she'll chop it all off again lol.
  2. The solo debut has only been stated to be "soon" but no given date yet right? We don't even know if it'll fall within this year?
  3. Wow, looking good, as always. That dress is actually really awesome looking. Looks like paper.
  4. I've been away for months only to come back and find out this still has no news of airing? Sad sauce.
  5. I've been away for so long. Is it me or do I no longer see an "instagram/twitter" thread anymore?? Loving Gyul in a school girl outfit haha.
  6. Wow. I've been away for so long and I get to come back to all these wonderful updates and pictures!!
  7. Hmm. I guess there's a bright side to this Kara break up. They all get to have a lot of free time now while the company makes plans for their new future.
  8. I've missed you Yoshin. Work has taken me away but I'm back for today. I kinda agree that I don't like Gyul in too revealing outfits. It doesn't suit her Yoshin image.
  9. Wow so much crap swirling around Nicole and which company she'll decide on. My head hurts.
  10. Yes, let's not talk about disbandment or such negative things. The 3 members left behind still wish to carry on, although I will support Jing and Cole on their solo endeavors, I'm more concerned for those left behind. I just hope they will still be well received by Korean fans. I kinda feel resentment towards Jing and Cole just because usually when a group disbands, the majority of them agrees to it.....but this feels like a single decision. Oh well, I can also understand the urge to move on in life despite others opinions. KARA3 FIGHTING! Kara sure has been through a lot of changes and hardship since Kara4 debut.
  11. Why does everyone want to leave to come to America for studies?? lol America ranks are constantly lowering in regards to education and Asian countries are rising....don't they want to get their education from S.Korea?
  12. I've had time to reflect now that everything is official with Nicole leaving, and it has all finally set in for me. Of all that is happening, I'm feeling really bad for Gyuri, Hammie and Hara. No one has even talked about or asked how they are feeling through all these changes. Nicole and Jing are trying to decide their future. But the 3 that are left have kind of just been out of focused, and it's not like it'll be easy for them to have to re-adjust again. I just hope they make it through ok. I feel like they're kind of being ignored just because they chose to renew their contracts. I want to know what their thoughts are and how they're copping with their member leaving. I'm sure they can't help but feel a little bit abandoned.