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  1. Happy birthday to our administrator!

  2. The only thing I care about is that one day they can unite as KARA5 on stage again As for the contract issues, I don't mind if they choose to leave DSP, or The Dumbass Company.
  3. Congratulations!!!! Now Sweet Mel!!!! Time for you to get 5 gold stars.

  4. One day Kamilia. Forever Kamilia.

  5. Gosh, DSP now finds another way to gain money... Too fancy to me though
  6. KH really keeps surprising us! So happy to see the second issue to be released. Thanks for you guy's hard work^^
  7. Name:Dave Yu Country:Taiwan Message:HAPPY BIRTHDAY SeungYeon! 生日快樂! Everyday I feel happy seeing you perform on the stage and I guess so do you knowing that Kamilias are supporting you right? I know you have been trough so many hard times just to keep KARA alive, but never feel pressured doing this. When feeling tired, exhausted, sad, or even depressed, simply take a break and think of Kamilias behind you as we're always here to cheer you up!
  8. I'm OK with the rest of the songs the girls will be performing then, but why Dear Kamilia T__T
  9. OMG I'm getting crazy with the last picture. TOPLESS!!!!!
  10. That's for sure. I've got accustomed to the tone they (Chinese fans) speak, but I think at least they were interested in KARA so they came to check the post; nevertheless, the result was still disappointing. I don't know what they are picky about; as for me, I just feel happy hearing they are releasing an new album
  11. Glad most people here don't speak Chinese... The comments below are horrible, which makes them not seem to be a fan at all.
  12. My best wishes to KARA for their 8th anniversary. Though it has been only two years since I knew and started loving the girls, my life has been filled up with KARA-related things. Every time I listen to their music, watch their variety shows and even read their SNS, I have s strong feeling that I'm such a lucky boy to have known KARA. 8th anniversary doesn't mean a stop but a point to go on, so just keep going as energetically as usual! To Park Gyuri, Han SeungYeon, Goo Hara, Heo YoungJi, Jung Nicole, Kang JiYoung, Kim Sunghee, my lovely girls.