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  1. I'm happy that their physical sales are doing well. I keep checking naver and melon and it's quite discouraging. They are consistently out of the top 10 Can they still win?
  2. Im willing to bet that the political tension between the two countries is heavily affecting their sales. Or perhaps the public have lost some interest in KARA since they have been away from Japanese activities for awhile now.
  3. So unexpected and freaking awesome! I'm so so so proud and happy for the girls. They have come a long way. KARA is the epitome of the phrase: if at first don't succeed try, try again. They are such an inspiration to me!!
  4. ^ forgive me for my ignorance but what do those numbers mean? Could you kindly explain to me for example what 1-20-1 means? Thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. ^ well G.D is making a comeback in early September so.... Hope for the best. On another note, Pandora has fallen substantially in the charts. I just checked bugs and melon. They are 10th and 9th... Hope that comes up in the next few days. On the other hand, they are still number 2 on naver.
  6. It's so refreshing to see Jiyoung dominating all these categories!! Congrats, and I hope her popularity along with KARA continues to skyrocket!
  7. do anyone know what the ratings have been like since the return of Shinyoung? I'm curious to see if there is a noticeable increase. I personally feel with her around things are becoming more and more like the IY, and the overall chemistry of the group is coming together.
  8. Why has this been a hot topic lately....People are talking about this too on the STEP MV. All this talk about contracts is making me nervous again. I don't ever want to feel like the way I did last January. I'm going to remain optimistic. The girls, as KARA, have yet to reach their peak. There are so many more countries to conquer and records to break. Hopefully they will stay together. I'll keep on believing!! So when does their contract with DSP end exactly?
  9. I hope the producers make some changes because the ratings are just going to keep dropping if nothing is done. They can start by replacing Hyun Woo. I like his acting but being the MC of a variety show....he just isn't meant to be. As a kamilia and a HUGE Jiyoung fan, I just wish the show changes for the better. This was a chance for Jiyoung to really shine and the pressure of being the only entertaining person on the show is keeping her from reaching her maximum potential. Anyhow, like everyone else here, the only reason why I'm watching IY2 is because of Jiyoung. She is really captivating! Hope to see more of her in future episodes!
  10. It's moments like these we are reminded that Jing is the maknae. Her facial expression was super cute and priceless!
  11. ^ They get it pretty close to midnight so they broadcast a new year special right after it. I'm so excited for this! Every year artists who go to this event always have incredible performances. I'm curious to see what the girls pull out of their hat. Maybe they will sing a new song from this album!!
  12. It seems really promising. A Japanese article even listed out this year's participants. Heard they are announcing the list 11/30!
  13. GOOD NEWS!!!!! It seems like Kara has been invited to this year's Kouhaku (most prestigious music show in Japan!!!) So proud of these girls! This is going to be EPIC!! sourcer: nate
  14. For me, just seeing these girls improving more everyday and are receiving more love everyday makes me proud and fizzy inside. They have certainly come a long way. As long as they keep moving forward and receive more positive feedback from the general public, whether it be 200k or 250k, I'm happy.