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  1. ^ Seungyeon's part: Seungyeon is the member of a idol group "Tinkerbell". However, she is unable to carry a tune which led to a broadcast accident. She then received vocal training lessons with the ex-leader of a band "One day", Kim Dahyun.
  2. Goddess! Gyuri looks stunning in the teasers. Now we will just need to wait for the MV teasers!
  3. I miss Nicole When is she making her solo debut?
  4. I think it means "For the first time this year, my feet is out", she must be wearing covered shoes due to the cold weather.
  5. I hope I'm not too late to ask if you can in Singapore too! I think it will be great to add in some supporting message to Gyuri like "영원히 함께해요" the last line of the song "Dear Kamilia"
  6. credits:
  7. Does anyone knows where I can read the manhwa the drama is adapted from?
  8. I am guessing that Nicole may have started her dance lesson! She just followed this dance choreographer
  9. Nicole had a fan chatting session at, earlier in the morning today. Some interesting things: 1. She is currently learning aerial yoga (?) 2. She is watching the popular k-drama "My Love from another star" 3. Her favourite seasons are spring and autumn; she doesn't really like snow 4. Compared to superpower, she rather have magic like Harry Potter so she can do anything cr:
  10. New drama for hammie! Can't wait But I still want to watch the Secret Love drama first