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  1. Where is that picture of Hammie in your signature from? Love it lol.

  2. work, school, work, school... shoot me >_<

  3. Man, I'm trying to buy the album too without having to use money orders or checks or whatever. I'm just trying to use credit card lol. I guess we buy from YesAsia?
  4. I voted for Nicole AND "All of them". They all look stunning, but Nicole looks the best. Hehe
  5. Yes I've had a dream with KARA in it. We were cooking something at their dorm at around midnight(I kind of don't remember what we cooked ), and all of a sudden we heard weird noises around the complex. Nicole opened the front door and a Grim Reaper-looking "thing" appeared. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD, let's just say that.
  6. She had three fingers up. Maybe she meant to throw up a "W" for "KARA=WIN"? Lol I don't know.. XD
  7. I voted for Hammie. I could only imagine how she looks like when she is in the state of anger. She's so quiet and super innocent..... And super cute.
  8. I really hope to see a Korean comeback. I totally don't mind a Japanese one, but I miss KARA's Korean songs.
  9. Been awhile! Been soo busy though!

  10. Although the mere thought of Nicole going solo slaps my heart a bit, she could make it by herself. I can totally see her on America's Best Dance Crew, because shes a phenomenal dancer.
  11. Well, THANK GOD she's in the group now. KARA wouldn't be KARA without Nicole!
  12. Who would dare vote for Tiffany?! Lol jk They both wore it well, and they're both gorgeous.
  13. All in honesty, but they're all talented and awesome at what they do! Singing -Nicole -Seungyeon -Gyuri -Jiyoung -Hara Dancing -Hara -Nicole -Gyuri -Jiyoung -Seungyeon
  14. (Second time posting on this thread ) Right, Jet Coaster Love is my most played song on my iPOD. Just saying.
  15. Nicole Nicole Nicole Nicole Nicole Nicole! Eating is like her most favorite thing to do! Especially eating chocolate.